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15 Times We Were Wowed by Amelie The Musical Lyrics.

The UK tour of Amelie is currently playing at its last tour venue, Liverpool's Playhouse Theatre, where it runs until Saturday. The production then transfers to London's The Other Palace from late November. 

I first saw the show back in July at Leicester's Haymarket Theatre and I was completely spellbound by it, giving it a huge 5-star review. It's truly musical theatre perfection - one of the best performances we've seen. Fast forward to now and I've seen it 7 times!

The musical contains music and lyrics by Daniel Messe and Nathan Tysen. The soundtrack to this show is gorgeous. It's richly enhanced by the actor-musician production that the UK production has employed. To celebrate this superb production we've picked out 15 our of favourite lyrics from the piece.

1.  "Everyone is falling as the fly comes into view and everyone's connected though they may not know it's true." - The Flight of the Blue Fly
Danny Mac as Nino. Photo by Pamela Raith.
2.  "What happens when the booth goes bright.
Where do you go when you’re out of view.
What’s the use in trying to hide or tearing yourself in two.
When you leave yourself behind.
Every piece becomes another clue.” - When The Booth Goes Bright

3. "I am Howard Carter stepping into Tutankhamun's tomb" - The Bottle Drops

4. "When your harp and your halo hit the sky. 
Look down, we'll be waving goodbye" - Goodbye Amelie 
"Goodbye Amelie". Photo by Pamela Raith.
5. "I could stay right here. 
And give back the boy his book. 
But if I stay right here. 
He'll think that I'm a nun. 
And I am not a nun. 
He'll think that I am chaste. 
And I am not that chaste" - Sister's Pickle

6. "Take half of half and half of that.
No matter where I row.
Little boat, big ocean.
Little boat big ocean.
There is always halfway to go." - Halfway 
Halfway. Photo by Pamela Raith

7. "It's easy to vanish when no one's around,

Your footsteps fall silent as snow on the ground
I may be hammered but I can hear my heart pound,
And it's reaching out to you
So who are you now?
If all you have is thin air around you? Around You?" - Thin Air

8. "The stewardesses they always wonder
Doesn't matter where I roam
She asks "Are you one of Santa's elves?"
And I say "Ma'am I am a Gnome!"" - There's No Place Like Gnome

9. "They say times are hard for dreamers.
But they won't be hard for me
When all my dreams have gone as planned." - Times Are Hard For Dreamers
Audrey Brisson (centre) as Amelie. Photo by Pamela Raith.
10. "There on the hill
There sits a great cathedral
Where I've left a trail
But it only goes so far
Here I can keep him moving forward
And keep things as they where
Halfway to love
And just close enough
To Sacre-Coeur"
- Blue Arrow Suite

11. "Love is just another diagnosis
Like chickenpox, swine flu, streptococcus,
Walking pneumonia, mumps, herpes, hepatitis,
Syphilis, tetanus, human papillomavirus.

But the mother of all diseases
That brings the mightiest to their knees is
" - A Better Haircut

12. "Stay where you are!
Safe in a frameTry to move closer, you'll only get halfway!
Pin down your heart, put out the flameDon't come any closer
But don't move away!" - Stay

Stay. Photo by Pamela Raith.
13. "There is one way of solving your paradox.
But I have to do more than stay" - Halfway Reprise.

14. "Where do we go from here?
Now that you are standing here with meAfter all there's more to life than holding you" - Where Do We Go From Here
15. "Will there be time to keep on dreaming once this dream is over?
What happens when the booth goes bright?
What happens when you're out of view?
What happens when you can't hold on?
Or when I can't hold on to you?
What happens when tomorrow comes?
And there's nothing that we can do?
Just pull the curtain tight
And adjust the seat
Lean into the light and hold me
What's gonna happen?

I don't know

But whatever happens

Here we go." - Where Do We Go From Here/Finale.

I honestly can't recommend Amelie higher. I hope from you reading some of these lyrics will inspire you to book to see it or in the least listen to the glorious soundtrack. If you have seen it I'd love to hear your favourite lyrics.

For more details about the UK production visit
For Liverpool tickets (runs till Sat 19th October 2019)
For London tickets (29th Nov 2019 - 1st Feb 2020)


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