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Jennifer Tierney Interview

Jennifer Tierney is part of the original UK company of the 4 times Olivier Award-Winning musical Come From Away which plays at London's Phoenix Theatre. Her previous stage credits include Shrek (UK Tour), Wicked (Apollo Victoria, London), Mamma Mia (RCL, Little Star and International Tour) and Jerry Springer The Opera (UK Tour). Jennifer kindly agreed to answer a few questions for us.
Jennifer Tierney
Q: How would you describe Come From Away to someone who didn't know it?
A:  Come From Away is a story of humanity, kindness and selflessness. It’s a wonderful story of relationships and friendships and gives us a reminder that at a time of tragedy people can pull together and change lives.

Q: With the show getting such a huge reaction (those standing ovations at the end) every night. Is it special being in a show with such a powerful and positive message?
A: I’ve been very lucky to be a part of shows in the past that have a big reaction but there is something very unique and special about how the audience respond here and I think it’s because we know it has affected them and that we are telling the story of real-life experiences and relationships. It’s incredibly moving to be a part of something so special.

Q: I believe you as a cast were all "screeched in"and made Newfoundlanders. Did you get to taste screech and kiss the cod?
A: Oh yes we did!!! We had to repeat some Newfoundland sayings, drink the screech and kiss the cod!!! We weren’t getting out of there if we didn’t and it was a brilliant night to experience with the Newfoundlanders!

Q: How was it being able to meet some of the people who inspired the story? Did it change the way you play the characters?
A:  It’s been such a unique experience in so many ways and meeting the people who inspired the story has made it very special for us all. Hearing their personal accounts and their memories of those days have been so inspiring. But they are so committed to our show too! They seem so proud of their story being told and it’s our privilege to do so.

Q: As a standby, you get to cover for a few roles in the show. How is the challenge of being a standby?
A:  I’ve been a cover for many years but never for so many roles all at once and our show is logistically very hard to learn. From the chairs to the accents and many other facets that make the show so great it’s been the biggest challenge of my career to date but also hugely satisfying when it all comes together.

Q: With the show being a real ensemble show. Does that make you stronger as a company?
A: I think it does yes because we all have to rely on each other for many things like passing props and chair movements etc. And it’s such a fast-paced show if we aren’t engaged all the time things can fall apart quite quickly. So yes working on the show as one unit is important for the success of the show!

Q: Do you have a favourite number in the show?
A: I love the Prayer. It’s the first song I heard from the album that made me emotional as I always loved that hymn growing up but the story and meaning behind all the different faiths coming together is a wonderful message.

Q: You have a solo gig coming up in December. How excited are you for that?
A: I’m so excited!!! I’ve finished my setlist and have a brilliant band and gorgeous arrangements that my friend Craig Adams and I have worked on together. I’m so excited to sing music by artists that have inspired me and songs that have meaning to me.

Q: Can you give any hints to what you'll be singing?
A: Nope! ;). But I’m so excited to share the night with everyone who’s making it!

Come From Away continues at London's Phoenix Theatre where it's currently booking till May 2020 for tickets visit For Tickets for Jennifer's Taking Chances Gig at Zedel on Sunday 1st December 2019 visit

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