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Isolation Interviews: Kelly (Kelisity)

Next up on this series of Isolation Interviews is the brilliant Kelly. Kelly is a Theatre Blogger and YouTuber who is from Cornwall.

Q - What was the first show that you remember seeing?
A - The first show I remember seeing was The Wizard of Oz! I saw the show with Mum at the Hall For Cornwall and I loved it. I remember the vibrancy, the sets and the costumes It was pure magic!

Q - What inspired you to get into blogging about theatre?
A - Nothing really ‘inspired’ me, but I have always grown up around Theatre, and I wanted to extend this interest and create a blog! I created my YouTube channel during study leave, and I decided to review shows in 2017! Blogging has allowed me to share my passion to a wider audience, as well as develop my editing and journalism skills!

Q - Whose performances/productions have had the biggest impact on you?
A - The Heathers 2018 run was, and still is, so significant to me. It’s a tremendous show, the cast was equally brilliant, and there amazing memories that I never want to forget! One of my favourite performances was Gala night, and the atmosphere of the Closing night was really special. Heathers holds a very special place in my heart, and I am beyond excited for it’s UK Tour! Alternatively, when I saw Wicked in 2009 it was spectacular! I remember looking at my Mum during the interval and saying ‘This is the best thing I have ever seen!’ and my love for musicals rekindled from there!

Q - What is your favourite musical movie?
A - I love the accessibility musical movies hold, but Hairspray (2007) is a favourite in my house! In fact, I think I prefer the movie adaptation to the show!

Q - What are your favourite show tunes?
A - This is hard because they change all the time! But One Day More (Les Miserables), Say My Name (Beetlejuice), You Will Be Found (Dear Evan Hansen), Wait For It (Hamilton) and When I Grow Up (Matilda) are classics!

Q -  What are your favourite theatres to visit?
A - Funnily enough, a lot of my favourite theatres are outside of the West End! The Royal Shakespeare Theatre has to be the ultimate favourite for it’s exterior, welcoming staff and the history, but I also love The Other Palace, Hall For Cornwall and the Sondheim Theatre!

Q - What has been your favourite shows over the years?
A - This is so hard because there are a few! Heathers is a huge highlight as well as Waitress, Sweet Charity, Hamilton, High Fidelity and The Boy in the Dress, so not many at all!

Q - If you could have dinner with 3 theatre-related guests (doesn't have to just be performers). Who would you invite and why?
A - Scott Paige, Paige O’Hara and Guy Chambers for sure! Scott would be a right laugh and I think we would get on really well. Paige O’Hara (Belle in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast) would be an absolute dream, and I admire Guy’s works and I would love to ask about his experiences!

Q - Away from the theatre what are your other favourite hobbies?
A - I absolutely love learning the piano and ukulele, baking, scrapbooking and swimming!

Q - Can you tell us a random fact about you?
A - Get your tea for this one… I was the second largest baby to be born in Cornwall in 1998! I weighed 6Ibs, and it was in the local newspaper! Still my proudest achievement!

I'd like to thank Kelly for her time in taking part in this interview. You can find all her social media links below:

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