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Isolation Interviews: Lizzie Francis (I've Brought Another Ticket)

Next up on the Isolation Interviews, I have Lizzie Francis. Lizzie runs the blog I've Brought Another Ticket. You can visit her website

Q - What was the first show that you remember seeing?
A - I saw Annie with Lesley Joseph as Miss Hannigan. It was one of my favourite films when I was young, my Nan had the VHS and I used to watch it on every visit.

Q - What inspired you to get into blogging about theatre?
A - I've been going to the theatre since I was really young and I always had something to say. I used to come out of the auditorium and tell whoever I was with how much I loved it and what I would change. I became very invested in using spare time to research the history of performers, shows and the West End. I started following other bloggers on Instagram and started uploading my own photos to a theatre account with mini-reviews, which then turned into a full blog website.

Q - What is your favourite musical movie?
A - I have two favourites that I can’t choose between. Both films I grew up watching. Mary Poppins and Oliver. Both had great casts, were funny and lively with timeless music.

Q - What are your favourite show tunes? (You can up to 5 songs)
A - 
One Day More (Les Mis)
Step in Time (Mary Poppins- mainly for the way it’s staged)
Who I’d Be (Shrek)
Jacob and Sons (Joseph)
What Part of My Body Hurts the Most (Bat Out Of Hell)

Q - What are your favourite theatres to visit?
A - I have a soft spot for the Cardiff Millennium centre. My family are from Wales and a lot of our family socialising is done around seeing musicals and ballets. Particularly at Christmas. I love the London Palladium. Have great memories of seeing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

The Southampton Mayflower and Chichester Festival Theatre are my two local theatres. I count myself lucky to live near them both because they offer huge touring productions at one and new or reworked productions at the other.

Q - What have been your favourite productions across the years?
A - I obviously have a soft spot for Mary Poppins. I loved Bat Out of Hell, the cast and the set were incredible. The 2019 Palladium production of Joseph, Jesus Christ Superstar at the Barbican, Waitress, Fidler on the Roof were my 2019 highlights. The opening night of the Les Mis staged concert is probably my most treasured musical experience though.

Q - If you could have dinner with 3 theatre-related guests (doesn't have to just be performers). Who would you invite and why?
A - Andrew Lloyd Webber because I love so many of his shows and I’d love to know how he has created some of the worlds most famous theatre.
Michael Ball so can sing to us! And because he has had such a successful career as a stage actor and think he’d been really insightful.
Lin Manuel Miranda because he is the Lloyd Webber of the 21st century and just seems like an all-round great guy.

Q - Away from the theatre what are your other favourite hobbies?
A - I love Sport, I’m a huge rugby and tennis fan. I go to concerts and the cinema quite regularly. And like spending time with friends and family when I’m not at the theatre.

Q - Can you tell us a random fact about you?

A - I live on an Island!

I'd like to thank Lizzie for her time and for being willing to take part. You can visit her blog (I've Brought Another Ticket) or follow her on Instagram and Twitter

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