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A Hunger Artist - CVIV Arts Review

CVIV Arts bring their debut production, an adaptation of Frank Kafka's A Hunger Artist, to the screen their onstage run was cut short by the virus. You can watch it here.

It's safe to say this piece is both bizarre and compelling. The narrator explains the plot as two actors play out the action. The premise is an artist who starves himself for the entertainment of the public, the artist who can only be displayed for 40 days at a time by his manager, something the hunger artist resents as he wishes to see just how far he can push his endurance.

Carrieanne Vivianette makes for a strong narrator, she remains unmoved at the back of the stage for a large part of the action but shines when she delivers the narrative. Henry Petch plays the Hunger Artist, he captures the emotion of the character well as the public lose interest and his endurance becomes harder. His struggle and eventually exhaustion is acted really strongly. Richard Koslowsky plays The Warder, dressed in all black he looms like a Bill Sykes with a cane in tow. He doesn't get much to do bar one speech and to change the number of days on the chalkboard.

The performance is enhanced by Duncan Evans's tremendous music but its the performances, in particular of Viviannette and Petch, that keep you watching. An hour to get lost in a well-acted tale. It's an intriguing study of human endurance and how far someone will go for their art. Enjoyable and a bit bonkers in truth but well worth a watch.

It's an interesting first production for CVIV Arts and I suspect they'll go on to create many great projects based on this debut. Visit to learn more about the company and follow their social media.

You can watch The Hunger Artist now by clicking here.


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