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The Gift That Keeps Giving - Episode One Review.

British sitcoms have for years been beloved and adored, from Dads Army, Only Fools and Horses to Gavin and Stacey, Britain has created many TV classics down the years. With the Arts still facing uncertainty during the pandemic, the work continues to be virtual. Here Pink Pig Productions launch their first episode of The Gift that Keeps Giving series.

The episode centres around a couple of friends Karis and Ellie, who have arranged a chat on the online video service Mooz to watch the film The Gift that Keeps Giving together. The films begin but instantly they pause to discussing dating. The discussions lead to other girlfriends arriving on the call to discuss their recent dates - all of which turn out to be with the same guy. 

It's a really fun concept and it's brilliantly written by Reece Kerridge and Jenna Boyd. In an episode that's just under 15 minutes, you get to know these quirky likeable characters really well. You get a real sense of the bond these friends have and the banter they share. So good is the script that you almost forget that you're not spying in on a real video call yourself.

The assembled cast is strong and all have a warm on-screen presence. Tori Hargreaves (Ellie), Molly McGuire (Becky) and Chloe Gentles (Lucy-Mae) all bring a touch of class and quality to their characters. Jen Caldwell particularly stands out as Karis, she's somewhere in between Alice Tinker from The Vicar of Dibley and Stacey in Gavin and Stacey and is a delight to watch as she eats everything in sight. Claire Learie only joins about halfway but instantly her wide-eyed long rambles as Sophie are superb. Jed Berry fantastically arrives for the final scene as Tom, who drops in his own revelation too.

This is a hugely promising first episode from Reece and Jenna and everyone at Pink Pig Productions. Sitcoms can either fly or flop and this one hits the heights from the get-go. Wonderful humour, likeable characters and a great concept - what's not to like. Start 2021 with a bit of fun. Here's to more episodes.

You can stream episode one of The Gift that Keep Giving on Pink Pig Productions YouTube page

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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