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Cells Review

Metta Theatre has partnered up with three regional theatres, Northampton's Royal and Derngate, Hornchurch's Queen's Theatre, and Scarborough's Stephen Joseph Theatre in releasing their latest project, Cells, a brand new musical film by P Burton-Morgan. 

The film brings together two seemingly strangers whose lives become intertwined. It's a touching tale of two ordinary blokes who are seeking a connection with others who meet at 2am in a kebab shop. Clive Rowe and Lem Knights are fantastic as the two characters, they're perfectly casting, they both emote every feeling of their characters with real skill. In the 30 minutes running time you instantly get to know so much about these two men, much thanks for the great writing but also the two tremendous performances.

The skill of the actors is captured brilliantly by Jon Dickinson's work as director of photography, the use of the lens to capture the emotion of the characters is superb, from close up to wider shots, the film is shot really well using great locations.

P Burton-Morgan's story and music are superb. The film is told mostly through song and every number is fantastic, I particularly enjoyed the opening number 'First/Last Day' where Clive's character is on his last day as a uni professor and Lem's character on his first as a biology student. Each number further fleshes out each character. With Clive and Lem's great voices it's both a joy to watch and a joy to hear. 

The musical was written, filmed, and produced during the lockdown period and is a prime example of how creative people have been. Taking their work from the stage to screen with such aplomb. Cells is a delightful watch with two well fleshed out characters played by two accomplished actors. I couldn't recommend it higher. Sequel, please!

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Cells is available to watch on YouTube via Metta Theatre's own page or via Royal and Derngate, Queen's Theatre Hornchurch or The Stephen Joseph Theatre websites. With the soundtrack released on Spotify.

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