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Who Cares - Lung Theatre Review.

"powerfully uncomfortable but it must be told"

Lung Theatre, a company, renowned for campaigning for the unheard voices and using real testimonies to bring stories to life, brings their latest powerful production Who Cares to the Curve as part of its nationwide tour. 

Who Cares delivers a powerful hour, which by no means is an easy watch. We meet 3 young carers in Salford who all struggle to cope with the reality of having to care for members of their families whilst fighting against a constantly failing system and the fear of austerity. It's both documentary theatre and a political rally cry.

It follows the carers through a day in the life of the three youngsters but is also interspersed with flashbacks and other speeches which are full of facts and figures about the stark reality of the care system. We see firsthand the impact everything has on their lives as they all struggle with school and balancing their own lives.

The piece for anyone who has any experience of the care system, which I've first hand experienced, or even if you don't will stay with you for a long time after it ends. It'll move you deeply as the three young lives are changed by the impact of the reality that surrounds them and will urge you to want for change. 

The performance is outstandingly performed by 3 young actors. Lizzie Mounter, Liyah Summers, and Luke Grant give memorable turns in this three-hander. It's fast-paced with the three combining multiple roles and moments all of which are pulled of with real believability which makes the impact of the reality at times hard to watch.

Each performance is captioned but this is a slightly different way to I've encountered before. Rather than the captions being on the side of the stage instead before the show, you're informed you can download The Different Engine app so you can read the captions yourselves on your phone. This really helped my Dad who is hard of hearing and allowed him to follow along.

Who Cares is a relevant, real, hard-hitting piece that is powerfully uncomfortable but it must be told. The voices must be amplified and the care system needs further investment and support so young lives like the three we encounter can balance their lives. This is a production that will move, upset and rally you behind the cause.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ important and informative documentary theatre.

Who Cares plays at Curve tonight and tomorrow (9th and 10th November 2021) at Curve. The production then visits Bridport, Salford, and Liverpool. Head to for more information.

To find out more about the Who Cares Campaign that is running alongside the production head to

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