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Wondermart Review

Wondermart from Silvia Mercuriali is an unusual trip in the familiar surroundings of a supermarket in audio form. 

The 30-minute audio experience involves a trip to a supermarket of your choice, mine was the local Sainsburys (other supermarkets are available!), where you're guided through instructions throughout the store with every aisle becoming a new place to explore.

For me, someone who suffers from anxiety, the experience felt a bit daunting beforehand. Many thoughts such as would I look suspicious or odd kept running through my brain but largely it's a comfortable experience. 

The experience begins outside the store before being guided inside, making sure to pick up a trolley on the way in. The instructions are easy to follow, from doing things such as putting items to your ears or becoming a mini supermarket spy as you follow a couple of people from a distance and observe their choices.

It does get a little surreal at times as you do wonder if you are being watched especially as you're instructed in the freezer aisle to reach into the back of the one and touch the back and also make a peephole through the condensation on the door. 

The most uncomfortable part for me was after being instructed to pick up an item and explore its packaging to then explore thoughts about what if you were to steal this item. You're instructed to look around, to notice the security cameras and who is around you. Exploring thoughts of where you'd put it to steal it before being asked to return to product to the shelf.

As you reach the conclusion you're instructed one by one to return the items back to where you picked them up before finding somewhere to abandon your trolley and leave the store.

Wondermart offers an interesting and unique trip around the supermarket in which the shop becomes the stage and we the performer.

To find out more about Wondermart or Silvia Mercuriali's work head to her website

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