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2065 - Frozen Light Review

Renowned theatre company Frozen Light creates engaging and high-quality theatre for audiences with PMLD through a combination of multi-sensory moments, live singing and poetic language. 2065 is the company's latest production and is simply an unforgettable experience.

The futuristic piece is set in 2065 where the people of the city are being oppressed by a regime made up of all-powerful corporations who have even banned music. A group of rebels who live outside the city system believe things can change for the better and set out on an uplifting mission to remind people of a time when they could thrive and to bring music back to the city.

Matt Heslop, Iona Johnson and Lil Davis. Photo by JMA Photography.

The whole production is aimed at being inclusive and that began before the performance began with the cast members coming out and mingling and greeting audience members before everyone took their places in the auditorium. 

Instantly the audience is transformed into this magical world by Kat Heath's impressive multi-layered set which has an industrial feel but with the use of lights and props feels very spacey and futuristic. 

The story is told with various props which the performers share with the audience directly interacting with each person and making sure everybody has their moment to explore an item through touch or smell. This really engaged everyone in the audience. The whole show there never felt any barrier between performer and audience, the audience is integral to the piece.

That interaction I found to be deeply moving, especially as one of the musical numbers included a song that included each person's name and the hope the rebels had for better times ahead for everyone. I felt myself welling up as it really touched me deeply seeing how engaged people were with the performers and how much care and attention the performers were giving back.

Lil Davis, Matt Heslop and Iona Johnson. Photo by JMA Photography.

A brilliant score by Sam Halmarack which superbly carries throughout the hour-long performance, with musical numbers sung and played live by the cast too. The soundscape adds another layer to the multi-sensory experience. 

Lil Davis, Matt Heslop and Iona Johnson are magnificent throughout. Not only do they act, sing and play the music but their crowing glory is that interactivity. The talent of their ability to tell this story and make things personable to everyone in the audience is stunning. You feel in safe hands with the 3 of them and the magic they create that is special to watch.

2065 was a profound, moving and uplifting experience and one I shalln't forget in a hurry. It was special to share the room and for the performance to be so relaxed and inclusive. Theatre should be everyone and the work done by everyone on the show makes it so. A celebration of joy and humanity. An hour of theatre perfection.

Rating - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

2065 continues at touring with dates booking through until June 2022. More details can be found on Frozen Light's website.

Iona Johnson, Lil Davis and Matt Heslop. Photo by JMA Photography

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