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Billionaire Boy - Curve Review

Birmingham Stage Company continue their adaptations of David Walliams novels with their latest production adapting Billionaire Boy for the stage. The production has arrived at Curve as part of its UK tour.

After recently feeling a little underwhelmed by Gangsta Granny I was much more impressed by Billionaire Boy. A comic madcap musical that hits all the right notes. It's full of humour and is a massively enjoyable couple of hours.

Billionaire Boy cast. Photo by Mark Douet

The story centres on Joe Spud, whose Dad is a toilet roll selling billionaire. Joe is struggling at school as he is bullied by all the other kids. He decides to uproot to a new school where he aims to fit in by hiding his secret wealth and forming friendships based on himself rather than the money. 

Jacqueline Trousdale's impressive set brings the cartoonish world of the book to life superbly. Trousdale creatively manages to hide each bit of scenery within each other and it's brilliant creative as set pieces unfold to create different locations for the story.

A huge strength of this production is the catching musical numbers by Jak Poore. Earworms like the titular song or the Bumfresh theme song that stay with you after you've left the theatre. The catchy numbers fit perfectly into the show and only help move the story forwards.

Matthew Gordon and Tuhin Chisti. Photo by Mark Douet

The cast is fantastic. Many play numerous characters that have seamless quick changes. Matthew Gordon excellently leads as Joe. Gordon manages to convey all the right emotions with real skill and makes Joe a character you instantly warm to. Jake Lomas is undeniably loveable as Bob, you feel real sympathy for him as he is constantly bullied or belittled by those around him.  Emma Matthews expertly characterises a wild school cook.

Billionaire Boy offers 2 hours of madcap escapism. A perfect show for younger ones but with plenty in there for adults to enjoy as well. Silly, uplifting and rollicking good fun. 

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Billionaire Boy continues at Curve until Saturday 19th March. Tickets are available from The tour continues thereafter with dates booking through until August. Visit for full tour dates.

Matthew Gordon, Emma Matthews and Jake Lomas. Photo by Mark Douet

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