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The Cher Show - Curve Review

Musical icon Cher is the latest star to have her life turned into a jukebox musical land on the UK stage as the European premiere of The Cher Show opens at Curve before heading out on an extensive UK and Ireland tour.

The cast of The Cher Show. Photo by Pamela Raith

The Cher Show brilliantly stages Cher's rise to fame and some of the difficulties she faced along the way. It's a stroke of creative genius to have not just one Cher but three all conveying different stages of her life and career whilst all balancing together perfectly.

We fly through the years from Cher's relationship with Sonny, their marriage breakdown, the pressure of fame, further relationships and finding and constantly re-inventing herself.  The show features some 35 hits throughout and the songs fit into the story really well, it all molds together like a jigsaw. 

Rick Elice's book serves up great heart and humour and Dame Arlene Phillips's direction brings the script to the stage in a superb way. Phillips has crafted a magnificent production that entertains, delights and celebrates Cher in a marvellous way that befits the career and the person behind it. The production zips along at a great pace and never gets too bogged down and that's another key to its success. It also never feels like just a tribute show or act, its storytelling is key and Phillips has done a great job with this.

Tom Rogers set makes the production feel like a backstage glance into Cher's life. We're greeted by dressing tables and mirrors and that backstage feel makes the audience have a microscopic glance into the piece and the star's world. Particularly impressive is the way each year is displayed with different props or lighting as each year moves along through Cher's life. Ben Cracknell continues to build an astonishing CV behind him and his lighting is again brilliant here.

Gabriella Slade's impressive array of costumes are another key visual element of Cher's career and life and they're never not dazzling. Every look befits the style of Cher and the moments of the piece. The ensemble ooze appeal with their black outfits covered in rhinestones. 

LtoR Millie O'Connell as Babe, Danielle Steers as Lady & Debbie Kurup as Star in The Cher Show. Photo by Pamela Raith

Portraying Cher is never going to be an easy ask. She's endlessly recognisable, and that's helped by those outfits but the three leading ladies are nothing short of outstanding. Millie O'Connell takes on Cher as Babe, this is Cher in her younger years as she begins on her journey to stardom and meeting Sonny. O'Connell is wonderfully energetic and her mannerisms are a joy to watch.

Taking over next you have Danielle Steers as Lady, she continues the journey with the marriage beginning with Sonny crumbling and having no time away from work for family life. Casting Steers is an undoubted stroke of genius, this is her moment and she shines bright in the spotlight as do her gorgeous vocals. 

The final Cher is Debbie Kurup's Star. Kurup carries the mantle through to the end of the show as Cher re-builds, begins a new relationship and has a successful acting career too. Kurup's vocal range is remarkable and she embodies the role with real style and flair.

Together the three ladies do a tremendous job of portraying Cher, not only in the times when they're the main focus but also looming on the stage and adding to each other's journeys. The interactions between all three are great and it really is perfect casting.

There's fine support from Lucas Rush as Sonny. He begins as a warm likeable presence but comes encased in the drive and ambition for the success of the company and the show that he loses sight of the love and marriage. Rush does this well and has a cracking vocal range. Sam Ferriday plays numerous roles throughout and commands each especially as Cher's second husband Greg Allman. 

The energetic ensemble are fantastic and brings extra flair and life to the stage, especially with Oti Mabuse's fluid and accomplished choreography. With Mabuse's pedigree, you can already expect great dance and the ensemble doesn't disappoint.

The show ends with a rousing singalong curtain call which includes some of the biggest hits of the evening and it's a great party feeling to end of sending the audience out on a high after a show of excellent entertainment. Cher's legacy continues to shine, as does her back catalogue of hits and with the creative team and cast here it's certainly a reason to 'believe' the hype. A Cher-fire monumental hit. 

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Cher Show plays at Curve in Leicester until Saturday 23rd April 2022. Tickets are available from The production then hits the road with tour date booking through until April 2023, visit for full tour dates and booking details.

Debbie Kurup as Star (centre) in The Cher Show. Photo by  Pamela Raith

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