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Kin The Musical

Kin The Musical is an exciting new British musical which has been in development since 2018. Composers Emil Dale and Stefan Kelk have written the piece which is described by the show's website as "think Stranger Things meets Hadestown, meets Carrie, inspired by the real life events that took place in a small town in America in the 1980s".

The musical tells of Noah, a skilled rock climber who suffers a tragic accident but his hometown of Ashville in America has other problems. The Kin are a controversial community attracting people from all around the world. They have purchased an old ranch in the little town causing unthinkable conflict with the townsfolk. Misfit Noah, son of the Mayor, is forced to take matters in to his own hands and save the town from disaster and to prove himself to his father. When Noah secretly joins the community he meets Cora, a Kinsperson, who brings a riot of colour to his life, what neither of them knows is they are going to change each others lives forever. 

For me I recently discovered the musical through TikTok and the musicals use of the page to share out snippets of the numbers and share other behind the scenes moments. The show has amassed over 16000 followers on the platform and has gained over 1 million views. It's so brilliant to see a new musical use the platform in such an exciting way to spread the word. In the past couple of years you only have to look at the success of The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical written by Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear which started life on the app and recently won a Grammy Award for Best Musical Theatre Album.

I recently spoke to company manager Beatrice Pryor about the development of the show and how they've used social media to promote the show. She described how they've been overwhelmed by the response. We discussed how different times are now and that Emil is particularly on top of the socials and how good it is for bringing in a fan base for a musical that they might not find otherwise.

In May 2022 the show played in Concert at London's The Other Palace to further aid the development, Beatrice explained that after the performance they gathered feedback which has helped in strengthening the piece. Hopefully they'll be more concerts or staging's of the show in due course.

I asked Beatrice to explain the role of the company manager further. She explained how she works behind the scenes on bringing all the elements together and dealing with the finances. It's a vital role and from our conversation it's clear how much she enjoys working with Emil who she has known for over 15 years. 

Beatrice explained the future hopes for the show with a planned workshop for later in the year and hopes for releasing a concept album. I hope both are hugely successful and there's a long and happy stage life for the show. Having heard some of the numbers through TikTok and online the show sounds a hugely promising piece.

To discover more about Kin The Musical please head to their official website

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