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Willy's Lil Virgin Queen Review

Shakespeare is the centre of Terra Taylor Knudson's fantastic one-woman show Willy's Lil Virgin Queen which is streaming digitally throughout the Edinburgh Fringe. 

Terra's highly engaging and interesting piece weaves her own personal stories alongside The Bard's own text. As a Shakespeare fan myself Terra to me feels like a kindred spirit to me, though you don't need to be a fan to enjoy this wonderful show.

The performance has been recorded in front of a live audience and that helps in Terra's delivery of the show. She is a wonderful storyteller and delightful to watch as she relays memories of her youth along with historical details and facts.

The detail in Terra's delivery and the comedic eye is what makes the whole performance tick. She has such an ease and confidence that plays out superbly throughout. She nails the Shakespearean text, the terrific delivery of the letter scene from Merry Wives of Windsor that opens the performance sets the tone for what is ahead.

American performer Terra educates the British Monarchy at quite a rip-roaring speed. If history at this school was more fun, many more youngsters may engage. The weaving of history intertwined with Terra's own personable touching journey is clever and leaves you both educated whilst feeling like you've spent the time with a lovely friend. Fun, funny, fearless and fabulous.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Willy's Lil Virgin Queen streams online throughout the Fringe. Tickets are available here.  

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