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Queenz The Show With Balls - Jaymi Hensley Interview

The fun night out we've all been craving for, Queenz - The Show With Balls offers a night of glamour delivered by five vocal powerhouses who are armed with song, sass and with plenty to say. This unapologetic dance party is spreading some joy around the UK as it tours.

Jaymi Hensley, a member of the boy band Union J who finished 4th on the X-Factor in 2012, returns to the show with his alter-ego 'Dior Montay'. I sat down with Jaymi to discuss the show.

Jaymi Hensley
Q: Can you please tell me a little bit about the show in your own words? 
A: Queenz is the UK mirage blend of old school and new school drag with a mix of pop culture, feel-good uplifting values with a pinch of Girl band nostalgic concert vibes!

Q: What was it that attracted you to the show? 
A: I was always inspired by female vocalists and girl bands growing up and drag has always been a part of my life so getting to marry the two is a dream job 

Q: Where did your journey with drag begin? 
A: Many years ago in my local gay scene, with help from our local Queenz, looking back I’m glad there aren’t any photos hahah not sure I did my best way back then 

Q: How do you prepare for a show and get in that head space for performing? 
A: As soon as the wig goes on I transform into Dior that really helps getting into the zone, transforming to someone completely different like a superhero costume 

Q: How much fun do you get to have with this show and performing these iconic numbers? 
A: I can’t remember many occasions of having more fun on stage, like I previously said every show is like living out my childhood dreams of being in a girl group haha

Q: What can an audience expect from the show? 
A: I think they can expect old-school British comedy drag plus the looks and dancing of the new Ru era of drag! Plus our live vocals! I can honestly say the voices in this cast are sublime!!! 

Jaymi Hensley as Dior Montay.

Q: What does theatre/performing mean to you? 
A: I know nothing else! It's my entire life, the food of my soul, without it I’m not sure how I’d survive 

Q: Why should anyone come and see Queenz The Show With Balls UK Tour? 
A: Because believe me you will feel a million times better about everything in life after seeing our show!

Queenz The Show With Balls is touring the UK with dates currently booking until March 2023. For the full tour details visit

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