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Sleeping Beauty - Loughborough Town Hall Review

After being asleep since January pantomime season awakens for the 2022/23 season with Little Wolf Entertainment returning to Loughborough Town Hall with their production of Sleeping Beauty.

Harry Polden (centre) as Mervin The Magician.

Sleeping Beauty marks the 9th festive season between Little Wolf and LTH and it's always a safe bet for high quality family entertainment. This year's offering is a big spectacle of music, magic and a bit of mayhem!

Morgan Brind's superb script is full of hilarious puns and quips that are delivered well by the company and that will have you in stitches regardless if you're a kid or a big kid at heart. There are also some brilliant groan-inducing jokes that are very panto. Brind weaves the story together well balancing the humour with enough edge and jeopardy that the fairy tale requires.

Brind's stage design is lavish and glittery transporting the audience to Coalville Castle where the story is centered around Princess Rose and a curse that is placed upon her by evil Aunt Carabosse who has lost her place as next in line for the throne. There's some visually impressive moments including a neon scene featuring all sorts of insects.

Victoria Lucie gives the strongest performance as Princess Rose, she delights in her warm presence and boasts a superb vocal proved in a solo rendition of 'The Life I Never Led' from Sister Act The Musical. Lucie is matched well with Jake Reynolds as Prince Vince, together they make a great pair.

Victoria Lucie as Princess Rose.

Marisa Harris has a blast as Carabosse. Her larger-than-life expressions are deliciously evil. Harris is clearly relishing the part and that comes across as you watch her shower in the boos that are thrown at her from the audience. On the flip side, Penelope Simons is instantly likeable as Fairy Lights and dazzles in a fantastic Christmas tree outfit.

Comedy is provided through an excellent Harry Polden as Mervin The Magician, he delivers slapstick humour with real flair and isn't afraid to be the butt of the jokes. Zac Hanlon also does some good work as Carabosse's sidekick and when he puppeteer's St John The Dragon. Oliver Stanley gives 

Sean McKenzie is a good Dame playing here Nurse Nancy Lightly but not all of what he does is great. He often feels a little cut off from those around him whereas you want the Dame to be a strong presence. McKenzie delivers the comedy well though and quips quickly to things happening around him.

Impressive choreography is provided by Kristian Cunningham, the strongest scene involves the junior chorus and Harris's rendition of 'Life After Life' from Dracula the Musical. It's slick movement that the company performs well.

There is plenty to love about this production, all of the traditional panto elements are here, though the songsheet scene where the kids are brought up onto the stage feels a little rushed and underplayed. If you're looking for a hugely enjoyable night out then Sleeping Beauty offers high-quality entertainment for all ages. Don't sleep on this one. 

Sleeping Beauty continues at Loughborough Town Hall until Monday 2nd January 2023. Tickets are available from

Oliver Stanley (Old King Cole), Victoria Lucie (Queen Vic), Marisa Harris (Carabosse), Penelope Simons (Fairy Lights), Sean McKenzie (Nurse Nancy Nightly) and Harry Polden (Mervin the Magician).

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