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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Theatre Royal Nottingham Review

Step into the fairy tale world of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at Nottingham's Theatre Royal for a festive adventure for all ages.

Joe Pasquale as Muddles. Photo by Whitefoot Photography
The central plot revolves around Queen Lucretia's desire to be the fairest in all the land and secure the hand of Prince William of West Bridgford. Only once Lucretia asks the Magic Mirror she discovers that Snow White is given that title and Lucretia sets out to rid the world of Snow White using a poisoned apple, only here unlike tradition it's Prince William who takes the first bite and falls under its power awaiting true love's kiss to break the spell.

Though Snow White might be the title character you'd be forgiven if you thought you'd stepped into the Joe Pasquale show instead. It's Joe as Muddles who takes a central role and features the most throughout. He is undeniably brilliant constantly keeping his co-stars on his toes with ad-libs and improvisation to some hilarious effect. Some of Pasquale's act is hardly original but it's hilarious, and often pushes the boundaries though the repetitive fart jokes do become a little bit tiresome. 

Faye Tozer, of Steps fame, takes on the role of Queen Lucretia and is deliciously evil throughout. Much of her evil is tested in scenes alongside Pasquale, especially when Tozer fumbles a line relating to the follow spots which is then ribbed at her for the rest of the show. Tozer's entrances are accompanied by an instrumental version of 'Tragedy' and thankfully for those Steps fans in the audience, her big solo number is the band's 2017 hit 'Scared of the Dark' and even better there's a curtain call medley of Steps hits. 

Lucy Ireland is endlessly charming as Snow White and could easily have stepped out the Disney cartoon. Jamal Kane Crawford makes an excellent Prince with a commanding presence. Together Ireland and Crawford make a wonderful pairing though both feel underused in the story.

David Robbins is a loveable Dame as Mrs. Nelly Nightnurse who comes with a vast array of costumes and wigs that he designs himself. These vary from big lavish pieces to some more outlandish pieces but are all superb, Robbins clearly isn't just a great performer but also has a brilliant eye for design. Natalia Brown plays The Spirit of Pantomime guiding the story along with a glittery lightness and a strong vocal performance.

The dwarfs here titled The Magnificent Seven add a little bit of joy every time the 7 appear entering with the Disney classic song 'Heigh Ho' and are endlessly endearing. I'd have loved to have seen them more alongside Pasquale.

Faye Tozer (centre) as Queen Lucretia. Photo by Whitefoot Photography

The design across the production is mesmerising from the huge set pieces of the cottage in the woods or the halls of the Royal Palace/ Excellent atmospheric lighting by Rory Beaton adds danger, darkness and sparkle to the set pieces. The Twins FX adds special effects including a tremendous flying car scene. There is a great magic mirror that rises from the orchestra pit with video designed by Duncan McLean that Tozer interacts with as Queen Lucretia. 

The live band under musical director Sarah Burrell delivers the music with gusto and sounds fantastic throughout. 4 of the songs do come from the Disney cartoon including 'With A Smile And A Song' which becomes the musical motif of the show. The best number is an epicly comedic 'If I Was Not In Panto' with features Robbins, Pasquale, Crawford and Tozer and gets more chaotic as it goes on. 

Snow White is excellent family entertainment providing all the magic and joy of pantomime on a big scale. It could be the Joe Pasquale show but it's brilliant and will have you in stitches. With the show only running until January 8th, it would be a Tragedy to miss it. 

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs continues at Nottingham's Theatre Royal until Sunday 8th January 2023. Tickets are available from

The cast of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Photo by Whitefoot Photography

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