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SingEasy - Membership Launch Review

Writer: Holly

If you’re looking for a fun, high energy night out full of musical joy that will leave you with a massive smile when the night ends. You need to go to SingEasy West End. 

Under London’s busy Leicester Square is the home to SingEasy West End. I was very lucky to be invited to their opening launch night to see what joy it has to offer and when I tell you it was the best night out I’ve had in a while, I’m not stretching the truth in the slightest. When you arrive you see the walls covered in musical posters and a grand piano in the centre of the room, with a very talented pianist playing as you arrive. You immediately feel in a good mood. 
SingEasy Westend is not only a bar where you can request your favourites songs, whether Musical, Disney or TV song, (There were a few requests from Smash on the night) but you can also enjoy an incredible dinner. The selection is wonderful, and caters to a lot of diets, which I’m very thankful of. Not to mention the cocktails they offer as well, are delicious and all have a musical name to them. 

 Once you sit at your table you are immediately immersed in the events of the evening as the staff who takes your order and look after you are also the performers you will watch sing during your night and so you instantly create a bond with them which I loved, because it feels like you’re watching a friend perform. I was served by the lovely Ellen who later sang “On my Own” from Les Miserables and just wow, she was incredible. As were all the other performances.
On your table when you sit down there are request cards that you fill in whichever song you want to hear, hand them to any of the team and it will be played by the very talented pianist and a member of the staff. There are a lot of requests for songs so the music never stopped and I’m not exaggerating when I say I was blown away with the talent of the singers, they were incredible. I could only wish to be able to sing like them. There were also songs which got everyone involved, for example “From Now On” from The Greatest Showman and a medley of Tina Turner hits. 
As I mentioned before I was lucky enough to be invited to celebrate the launch of their exclusive membership scheme which allows priority access to SingEasy, you don’t need to wait in line to get in, allows free entry on Thursday and before 8pm on Saturdays and discounted entry after 8pm Saturday and Fridays also. Not to forget you will get 50% drinks daily between 5pm-7pm and 2-4-1 Singeasy special cocktails on Thursdays. Also you are treated to complimentary prosecco on any birthday or anniversary bookings. The membership is free so you’d be a fool to not sign up. I’ve already signed up for the membership and I’m already planning to go back next week.
Overall the night was absolutely amazing, I could not sing higher praises even if I tried. Whilst you're there it feels like everyone is one big group of friends enjoying a night out full of musical delight. Everyone can enjoy the time there, whilst I am a massive musical fan, my partner who joined me for the evening, whilst he isn't really a musicals fan, enjoyed it and is joining me when I go back next week too. He even wanted to stay there longer. The staff make the night go quickly with incredible entertainment, a musical quiz and interactions so it feels like a big party. I challenge anyone to go and not have a proper good night and leave with a smile and singing the songs in your head.

For more information on SingEasy and to join the membership scheme visit

Photo by Paul Torode, VenUe Media

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