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Threads - Sue Townsend Theatre

Reviewed by Constance Bole

Disclaimer: Ticket was gifted in return for honest review
Step into a time machine, where the explosive energy of the 80s collides with the heartbreaking backdrop of pandemic, as Threads takes you on an emotional rollercoaster ride through the power of friendship, the search for family, and a love that withstands it all.
Threads follows flatmates Marcus and Ellie as they tackle love, life, and work, all whilst navigating the changing world around them.
Joshua Taylor-Williams wrote and starred in this heart-warming piece of theatre. An undeniable talent, his vocal skills are like no other. Along with Ellie Thompson as Marie, the pair produce numerous pitch-perfect musical renditions of classic 80s and 90s hits.
Special mentions are due to Isla SingletonNatasha Plummer and Emm Pearson for their vocal performances, however it was Bertie Black’s performance as Angelou which was the performance of the night. Black brought heart, soul and some much needed comedic relief to the production, and I was finding myself looking forward to his next moments on stage more than anyone else.

Taylor-Williams’ script tells a beautiful, tragically real tale, but is unfortunately let down by the length of the
 production. After a leg-numbingly long first act, many of the audience were surprised when the second act seemed to run to an equal length, with the performance having a final run time of almost three and a half hours. Many of the scenes ran for longer than needed, and the timing issue could easily be helped by cutting down on the length of the songs. Many of the songs have repeated choruses and instrumentals wherein nothing happens, and it becomes tedious rather quickly.
However, the script at its core is relatively infallible, and the production especially thrived when the entirety of the cast was on stage together. The 17-strong cast creates a warm atmosphere of family and friendship, and was wonderful to witness.
I would like to see the production again after some revisions in duration and script work, but it certainly has potential and Taylor-Williams in undoubtedly a very talented writer.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Threads plays at The Sue Townsend Theatre in Leicester until Saturday 8th July. For more information and to book visit

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