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One Week In Magaluf - Fringe Review

Written by Lauren Russell
Tickets was gifted in return for honest review. 


An explosive fringe show from ERA Theatrical Productions; ‘One Week In Magaluf’ is absolutely hilarious for all. Set in 2007, where low rise miniskirts and middle partings were on trend, and internet wasn’t just a thumbprint away - this musical comedy is all about the highs and lows of friendships. 

We join the all-female Quartet at the airport, Amy (Abi Price), Nicole (Catherine Hutchinson), Megan (Mia Taylor) & Olivia (Molly King), who are off on a girl’s holiday to the infamous Magaluf, or ‘shagaluf’ as Price puts it. The script, written by Amy Nic, is a rollercoaster; showcasing their mismatch personalities, their judgements, and their secrets, but all in a very light hearted and comical sense.

This show is certainly the Fringe’s answer to Inbetweeners, but better – they sing! The girls give us noughties’ top hits throughout, belting bangers such as ‘It’s not fair’ by Lily Allen, and Shaggy’s ‘It wasn’t me’ after a one-night stand with the hotel’s heartthrob bartender – played brilliantly by the versatile Amy Nic, who also directed this masterpiece. 

The audience went wild, tune after tune, fully engaged in eachthrowback, which was comically accompanied by cheesy choreography resembling a typical 00’s music video. These actors give an enthusiastic performance which makes you laugh out loud until your cheeks hurt, especially Abi Price, who’s energy and commitment drives the show to brilliance. 

A superb piece of theatre by an energetic cast of performers – keep your eye out for ERA Theatrical Productions!

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