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The Strongest Girl In The World Play Review

Reviewed by Lauren Russell


A deeply reminiscent one woman play doused in truthfulness. Truly Siskind-Weiss’s gentle monologue, performed and written by herself, gives an honest account of how she now perceives her life in two parts: before and after her father’s death. Soul baring from the start, we learn quickly, and rather bluntly, about her fathers death, and recognise a child inside who is healing in front of us. ‘I like to know how things end.’ She admits, changed by grief.

The descriptions are lengthy and the play begins to resemble a late night chat with someone who loves to over share, however, to this raw honesty, we do like to listen. Siskind-Weiss’s A Capella summer camp soundtrack breaks up the memoire, as she sings, she seamlessly resets the set regularly throughout the play. Her voice is beautiful and some-what childlike which is guiding us as we walk with her into her childhood memories. The songs are familiar, and combined with Siskind-Weiss’s likeable energy, an audience member felt they could softly join in with her song; which this talented solo performer received with grace. At camp, she was happy.

Song wasn’t the only addition to the monologue, puppetry was another theatrical tool used to bring to life her brother and mother, using toys and clothes. This was intriguing; however,technique could have been sharper. The brother puppet had a wonderful knitted face and her interactions with him were especially energetic. In particular the Hannah Montana skit, which had the audience laughing out loud.

Fragile moments in her life feature many small bursts of satire comedy, well timed and very funny, more of these moments would aid the energy and pace of the piece. A particular memory which stands out is her first-time surfing, a new family activity without her father, one her mother particularly took to. Siskind-Weiss’s storytelling was striking during this sequence, as she reenacts her panic when swimming in to catch a wave. A child struggling to find safety in this unpredictable world.

‘The Strongest Girl In The World Play’ is about reflecting on those pin point moments of childhood where you felt the world changed you, and how we manage to hold tight to the people we loved and lostThis is a therapeutic experience for both Siskind-Weiss and her audience, full of heartfelt openness. Oh, and if you like campfire songs, you must go.

The Strongest Girl In The World Play continues at Edinburgh Fringe until Saturday 19th August playing at Greenside @ Nicholson Square. Tickets are available from,father%20and%20her%20former%20self.

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