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Glitzy Von Jagger - Fairytale on Church Street Interview

Set to delight audiences young and old this festive season, The Cockpit announces the cast for its 2023 Christmas production Fairytale on Church Street. With drag superstar Glitzy Von Jagger (Virgin Drag Star Winner, BBC Radio Comedy Winner, Drag Idol Finalist) taking on the iconic role of Mother Hood, and Carys McQueen (Cabaret, Kit Kat Klub at the Playhouse Theatre; Father Christmas, Lyric Hammersmith) as Red Riding Hood, this magical adventure is packed with songs, silly gags, audience participation and everyone’s favourite fairytale characters.

Fairytale on Church Street also features the fantastic talents of Artie Godden (We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, UK tour; [INSERT PLAY], Camden People’s Theatre) as Robin Hood, Emilia Harrild (The Threepenny Opera, The Cockpit; Romeo & Juliet, East London Shakespeare Festival) as Goldilocks and Lauson Kenyon (Johnny Feathers, Riverside Studios; Zog & The Flying Doctors, UK Tour) as the Big Bad Wolf.

Ahead of the production running at The Cockpit Theatre from Friday 8th until Saturday 30th December we caught up with Glitzy Von Jagger to chat about the show.

Can you please begin by telling me a little bit about Fairytale on Church Street and your role within it?
The show is an original story, set in the heart of the local community of The Cockpit, which takes the traditional structure of pantomime, and well-known fairy tale characters whilst flipping it on its head for a modern audience making it relevant and really accessibleAll of the characters have been updated and brought into today's world. There’s romance, there are thrills, there are big laughs, there’s magic. -  it’s a modern-day rollercoaster of a show. Most importantly it’s great fun and I can’t wait to belt out my number for you all - which is aptly camp as Christmas! And I am very excited to be originating this character Mother Hood! She is the proprietor of the local theatre, runs a stall on Church Street market, and is the mother to Red Riding Hood and Robin Hood - who just can't seem to keep out of trouble!! She’s a very busy and very capable woman! 
What attracted you to want to be a part of the production?
The Cockpit has got to be one of the grooviest theatres out there and I was excited by the prospect of working in the round with live music on stage provided by our extremely talented cast. Kathryn Gardner’s new writing is fabulous, and everyone involved is just lovely to work with - which is just how I like it. We are in the business of making others feel good, so it’s always wonderful when that happens off-stage too. 
How do you prepare for a run when you’re performing so many shows a week?
I prepare for a run with some 80s fluorescent head gear, snazzy sneakers and H2O to keep the skin supple! But for the show I’m like Gwyneth Paltrow, it’s all about a strong self-care regime for me. Yoga, Dog Walks in Nature, Sleep, Water, Fresh Whole Foods and Massage are some of the tools I use to stay balanced and keep my energy levels up. 
Coming from a musical theatre training background (Italia Conti, London Studio Centre) the discipline I learnt as a performer is something that I always revert to when I need to apply myself. The voice and the body are the things I have tolook after, and proper warm-ups and cool-downs are essential for both.
How much joy do you get from playing to a family audience?
Joy is definitely the word that comes to mind as a performer. We get to hold space for joy with play, art and sacred silliness. The many levels you can play with to reach all ages is mentally stimulating - there are lots of gags for the mums and dads -  and the wonderment from the wee ones is so scrumptious. 

What was the first piece of theatre you saw? 
It was actually Panto!  It’s got to be a lot of people’s first, right?  in Good Ol’ Blighty? It was at Wakefield Opera Houseand I was entranced by the magic of it all and still very much am! There’s nothing like the theatre is there. The suspense, the smell, being held captive for a couple of delightful hours of much-needed escapism.  It’s healing. 
What keeps you inspired as a creative?
Other creatives, finding new avenues to improve my skill sets, I never stop learning. I love a course or a workshop. It’s rejuvenating for the mind and soul. New art, music, theatre, new cities, new “naturescapes”. 
What do you hope an audience member takes away from seeing the show? 
I hope they feel hugged from within, their cheeks ache from laughter and they talk about it all the way home!  And maybe we’ll inspire some little ‘uns to tread the boards one day!

Fairytale on Church Street runs from Friday 8th until Saturday 30th December 2023. Tickets are available from

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