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Peter Pan Goes Wrong UK Tour Review

Reviewed by Mark Johnson
Disclaimer - ticket was gifted in return for an honest review.

The Cornley Polytechnic Society are back in town with their touring version of Peter Pan, but being a Mischief Theatre production and as the title suggests things don't go quite to plan.

Clark Devlin, Jack Michael Stacey, Jean-Luke Worrell, Ciara Morris, Theo Toksvig-Stewart and Matthew Howell in Peter Pan Goes Wrong. Photo by Pamela Raith

The show-within-a-show that Mischief does so well begins with some pre-show larks as the stage crew are setting up the stage and mingling with audience members. You are instantly immersed in the world before the production begins.

Director Chris (Jack Michael Stacey) and his co-director Robert (Matthew Howell) open the show with an introductory speech explaining a few key elements of the production including that one actor doesn't know his lines so is having them relayed over a headset and that one has stage fright. Then away we're swept on a two-hour adventure of farcical chaos that continually has you in stitches of laughter.

It would be wrong to give too much away but the delivery of the production is so skillfully pulled off, it's such a skill by those on stage and the off-stage crew who make everything look seamless even in the moments of complete mayhem on stage. There's flying and a multitude of props that with one missed beat could throw things off. It's such a slickly produced show and so cleverly written by Henry Lewis, Henry Shields and Jonathan Sayer and directed by Adam Meggido.

The design for the production is sublime with Simon Scullion's set realised with the help of a revolve that allows for the locations to change and further hilarity with the revolve itself. The locations switch from the Darlings' home to Neverland itself and an ingenious Jolly Roger ship. Matt Haskins's lighting design is effective in adding drama and tension to the actual Peter Pan production whilst playing into the humour and style Mischief is known for.

Ciara Morris, Gareth Tempest, Matthew Howell, Jack Michael Stacey, Clark Devlin and Jamie Birkett in Peter Pan Goes Wrong. Photo by Pamela Raith

The production is so superbly performed. Jack Michael Stacey gives a fantastic performance as Chris who directs and plays Mr Darling and Captain Hook in the show, he constantly becomes more frantic and stressed and there are some hilarious audience interactions. Matthew Howell shows great comedic talent as Robert who plays Nana the Dog, Peter's Shadow and Starkey, especially as he babbles lines that become understandable to those around him.

Ciara Morris as Sandra who plays Wendy is bright and light with strong comedic skills and matches well with Clark Devlin as Dennis who plays John, Mr Smee and a Mermaid and Theo Toksvig-Stewart as Max who plays Michael, Mermaid and Crocodile. Devlin delivers the lines through the aforementioned headset repeating everything that is said to him whilst Toksvig-Stewart is an instant audience favourite as he enjoys the spotlight. Gareth Tempest impresses as Jonathan playing Peter Pan, showing a boundless no-fear attitude pulling off stunts whilst flying around the stage. 

Jamie Birkett as Annie who dual roles as Mrs Darling, Lisa and Tinker Bell, the scene changes are excellently captured and Birkett is always a treat to watch as she plays a variety of roles to which she nails every one. Jean-Luke Worrell plays Francis who Narrates and also plays Cecco and his big smile and flamboyant energy fit perfectly to the roles. Rosemarie Akwafo plays Lucy who plays Tootles and is riddled with stage fright, by the end you wonder if she'll ever want to return to the stage again! Jake Burgum as Trevor offers stage support which as you expect doesn't always help things along whilst supported by Romeo Mika and Clare Noy both of whom understudy roles. 

The recommended age for the show is 8+ and this truly is a production for the whole family, there are a few jokes and minor sexual references that will go over the heads of the younger ones. Some of the jokes can linger a little too long but the humour and energy are relenting for the whole production that has you laughing and laughing. It's ingenious and side-splittingly funny to watch. The real hard work is making things go wrong so slickly and perfectly, you'll be hooked.


Peter Pan Goes Wrong plays at Nottingham's Theatre Royal until Sunday 15th October with tickets available from The production tours with dates booking through until March 2024 currently including a West End Christmas run at the Lyric Theatre from 23rd November until 14th January. Visit for full dates and booking information.

Clark Devlin, Rosemarie Akwafo, Theo Toksvig-Stewart and Clare Noy in Peter Pan Goes Wrong. Photo by Pamela Raith

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