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The Mousetrap - Castle Theatre Wellingborough Review

Reviewed by Kathryn
Disclaimer: ticket was gifted in return for an honest review.


The Mousetrap has kept millions of people from all over the world on the edge of their seats for seven decades and it’s clear to see why.

The cast of The Mousetrap. Photo by Matt Crockett

The curtains open to reveal grand looking country guest house in the middle of winter, opening its doors for the first time to welcome guests. Run by young couple Mollie (Rachel Dawson) and Giles Ralston (Michael Lyle), we are immediately transported back to post-war England and the simpler way of life. 

Dawson’s sweet and innocent Mollie creates the perfect hostess while Lyle’s Giles is clearly the ‘man about the house’ in this delightful marriage. 

Throughout the course of the first scene we are introduced to the other characters staying at the guest house – the flamboyant and excitable Christopher Wren (Shaun McCourt), the ‘just so’ Mrs Boyle (Catherine Shipton), precise Major Metcalf (Todd Carty), lofty Miss Casewell (Leigh Lothian) and finally, and unexpectedly, mysterious Mr Paravicini (Steven Elliott).

The colourful palette of characters is typical of Christie and extremely well portrayed by all the cast – side glances, hidden meanings on conversations and nervous moves ensure that right from the start there’s questions and delving into who these people really are – and what are they hiding? 

The arrival of Detective Sgt Trotter (Garyn Williams) in Act 2 adds additional energy to this production and keeps the pace driving forward. 

Todd Carty as Major Metcalf. Photo by Matt Crockett

The beauty of a play like this is the freshness – so often touring plays can become tired after a few months on the road but this felt alive and lively with the cast evidently enjoying their roles in this timeless tale. This is evidently a company piece – everyone works so well together, supporting and aiding with performances to create a masterclass in how to keep the audience engaged, adding gentle humour and crisp action to really keep you guessing, wondering, surmising and investigating! 

The lighting (designed by Sonic Harrison) and sound (designed by Mike Thacker for Orbital Sound) enhanced the story, without being overpowering – the art of technical design is always for the audiencenot to realise things have happened (lights dimming as the sunsets, the cold wind blowing when the windows open) but to add atmosphere and ambience naturally and it was completed here with skill and perfect timing. 

One of the reasons The Mousetrap continues to attract and play to full houses is the mystery around ‘who dun it’ and why. But as requested by the company, as an audience member, we are now partners in crime and therefore, to discover the truth, you’ll have to watch it yourself! I highly recommend that you do grab a ticket for this production – you won’t regret it! 

The Mousetrap plays at The Castle, Wellingborough until Saturday 7th October with matinees on Thursday and Saturday at 2.30pm, before continuing it’s UK Tour. Tickets are available from and for future venues

Rachel Dawson as Mollie Ralston. Photo by Matt Crockett.

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