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I Should Be So Lucky - New Wimbledon Theatre Review

Reviewed by Amelia Bascombe
Ticket was gifted in return for an honest review. 

What happens when you combine the mind behind the Nativity franchise and the creative director of Strictly Come Dancing? Throw in some absolute belters from Stock Aitken Waterman and surely you’ve got a hit.

Photo by Marc Brenner 

I Should Be So Lucky is a heartwarming tale of friendship and family, told with the help of Kylie Minogue herself and some era-defining music. Albeit only showing up in video form, Kylie played a bigger part in the show than I thought, acting as our protagonists own subconscious. Borderline unnecessary if I’m honest, but always great to see a star involved nonetheless. 

Lucie-Mae Sumner leads the production as Ella, giving a sweet performance and some killer vocals. She’s joined by Billy Roberts as Nathan, and they fit together really well. Giovanni Spano is brilliant as Ash and landed super well with the audience. Scott Paige steals absolutely every scene he is in with his impeccable comedic timing and has a wonderful voice to go alongside. Kayla Carter wows with her vocals in You’ll Never Stop Me Loving You and made me want her in a principal role as soon as this tour is done. Similarly, Melissa Jacques has a reduced role in the show but leaves you wanting more every single time.

The ensemble as a whole is fabulous, and the choreography by Jason Gilkison is high energy and jam packed. The staging and lighting are fun and colourful - nothing too technical or out of the ordinary. The use of the hot air balloon as great however, and a highlight that’s unexpected for a regional tour.

Photo by Marc Brenner

The songs are woven into the story well for the most part, but there are definitely some missed opportunities. Something like &Juliet or Mamma Mia are definitely more clever with how the songs lend themselves to the story, but the show gives it a good go.

The key is to not go in with the expectation of a meaningful, overwhelming theatrical experience. The storyline is easy to follow and predictable but I think the whole point of the show is to not take anything seriously. It’s giving camp and extra vibes all round and overall it’s just a great night out for all ages.

Grab your sunglasses, your blow up floaties and hit pause on real life for one fun night at the theatre!

I Should Be So Lucky plays at New Wimbledon Theatre until Saturday 3rd February with tickets available from The tour continues with dates booking until May 2024. Visit for the full tour schedule.

Photo by Marc Brenner

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