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Edward Scissorhands - Theatre Royal Nottingham Review

Reviewed by Elle Milford 
Tickets were gifted in return for an honest review

The 1986 classic ‘Edward Scissorhands’ originally by Tim Burton and Caroline Thompson, reimagined by Matthew Bourne and his New Adventures family. 

The cast of Edward Scissorhands. Photo by Elle Milford
Edward Scissorhands is a story about Edward who was created with scissors instead of hands and how he becomes part of a family and their surrounding community. Whilst part of the community he shows his individuality and talent through using his scissors to sculpt and create which draws in the locals, he stays with the Boggs family and develops an adoration for the daughter, Kim, which causes some jealousy with her boyfriend and ultimately ends in heartbreak.

This production was beautiful throughout but had a really clever and interesting opening scene setting the backstory for the title character, which set the show up perfectly to understand how precious Edward truly is.

Edward played at this performance by Liam Mower was striking, every movement and facial expression whilst choreographed felt new and in the moment, for example, when Edward first encountered Peg on the street his reaction felt so genuine that he truly embodied the character created in the original film. A complex character due to the danger he holds but also the vulnerability of his naivety. Liam has the ability to make you fall in love with Edward through his comedic timing along with an impeccable execution of the choreography.

Ashley Shaw played the role of Kim Boggs and was absolutely dazzling! Ashley has this ability to show how views can change as initially, Kim is weary of Edward but after observing and spending time with him, falls in love with him we see this in key scenes such as ‘Ice Dance’ and ‘The Annual Christmas Ball’ where she dances with Edward after previously not wanting to be near him, ‘The Boggs’ Barbeque’. Ashley danced with love and passion in this production and it was such a moving performance. 

Special mentions go to Nicole Kabera in the role of Joyce Monroe and Jamie Duncan-Campbell as Kevin Boggs, they both portrayed really brilliant comedy within their performances. As a whole, this cast is insane to watch down to all the details of the different families and their personalities to the synchronicity of movement.

The cast of Edward Scissorhands. Photo by Johan Persson.

This is a story that will always be relevant due to its themes of uniqueness, individuality, acceptance and also prejudice. It brings true joy to see this story translated to the stage. Elements such as set design and costume design by Lez Brotherston really bring this story together and make it what the original film was known for with its eccentricity and quirkiness. A must-see for fans of Matthew Bourne or the original tale of Edward Scissorhands.


Edward Scissorhands plays at Nottingham’s Theatre Royal until Saturday 2nd March. Limited tickets remain from The tour continues with dates booking until 2nd June with tickets from

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