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Pretty Woman The Musical - Milton Keynes Theatre Review

Reviewed by Holly Proctor
Tickets were gifted in return for an honest review

The 80’s classic rom-com has landed at MK theatre. To say this show is a delight would be an understatement, it is so full of joy, colour and glorious music. There’s not a second where I was utterly taken in by the cast and their performance, not to mention the incredible set and costumes in the show, everyone who has worked on this show deserves countless rounds of applause.

Oliver Savile as Edward Lewis and Amber Davies as Vivian Ward. Photo by Marc Brenner

Now the cast, where do I even start? Amber Davies shines as Vivian, from the start of the show her voice captivates you, her vocal range and ability is mesmerising, taking the character of the much loved Julia roberts character Vivian Ward, Davies makes you root for her with her sweet charm and hilarious sass that brings the audience to laughter even when you're not expecting it, and with Oliver Savile by her side as Edward Lewis, the two make the perfect pair to watch on stage. 

Oliver takes the stoic character of Edward and adds a more warm tone to the character which instantly makes you fall for him and root for him and Vivian even more, and I must say watching him dance and let down his walls was a pleasure to watch. Moving on to the man who I genuinely don't know how he manages to be everywhere in the show at once and look effortless whilst doing it, taking on the role of Happy Man/ Mr Thompson, Conductor (for a scene) and Retail manager, Ore does everything and is such a pleasure to watch and you can see the joy he is having in the show, the ballroom dance is such a fun watching with the slight nods to Ore’s past in strictly and was a nice nudge nudge for the audience.

Now I’ve been a fan of Natalie Paris for many years, I think she is fabulous, when i saw she was in the cast I knew I was in for vocal brilliance and I was not disappointed taking on a punk-rock catalogue provided no issue for Paris at all, belting out notes that blow the audience away you cannot help but be in awe of her. 

Ore Oduba as Happy Man and Natalie Paris as Kit de Luca. Photo by Marc Brenner.

An honourable mention has to go to Noah Harrison who plays Giulio, the bell boy of the hotel. Harrison stole the hearts of everyone in the audience. He is a comedic genius and honestly was a highlight of the show, I can easily see him becoming a star within a few years. I'll be very excited to see what he does in the next few years. 

Pretty Woman is a wonderful musical for those who are familiar with Gary Marshall’s iconic romcom or not, no one will feel like they are missing out. With the film's titular song bringing the audience to their feet at the end for a song and dance it is a perfect way to feel the nostalgia for the film and to also be included in the show as signs are brought onstage to help you sing along. I couldn’t recommend more to anyone to go and see Pretty Woman whilst it is in Milton Keynes, it is pure joy encompassed in a musical, and if I’m being completely honest I’d say it's better than the film. 


Pretty Woman The Musical plays at the Milton Keynes Theatre until Saturday 30th March. Tickets are available from The tour continues with dates booking until September, tickets are available from

The company of Pretty Woman. Photo by Marc Brenner

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