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Disney’s Aladdin - Milton Keynes Theatre

Reviewed by Holly Proctor 
Tickets were gifted in return for an honest review.

A true Disney classic brought to life on stage. Whether you know the songs by heart or not you will be blown away by the pure spectacle of this Disney delight. 

Yeukayi Ushe as The Genie and the Company. Photo by Deen Van Meer

Disney’s Aladdin is a true feast for the eyes, within the first few minutes you are greeted into Agrabah with a full technicolour set and beautiful costumes, you cannot pull your eyes away. 

You’re immediately pulled into the story with enchanting music familiar to those who have seen the classic Disney animated tale. The audience are charmed by Yeukayi Ushe as The Genie 
as soon as the curtains lifts and from there you know you are in for a mystifying evening, one you will not forget about any time soon.

Whilst a Disney fan will feel right at home in the story there are a ton of new songs to keep you awestruck, from emotional songs such a “Proud of your Boy”, empowering ballads with “These Palace Walls” to energetic and comedic “High Adventure” you will be humming the songs on your journey home, and have you feeling like you’re seeing a new side to the characters you know and love. 

There’s no way I can review this show and not talk about the cast. In one word, SUPERB.

The cast are one of the best I’ve seen in any musical, they have superhuman energy levels with how much choreography is in this show, they don’t break a sweat, and they look like they are having the time of their life on stage which makes it an utter joy to watch.

Special shout out has to go to Ushe’s Genie, one of the best musical performances I have seen in my many years of going to the theatre. Give this man an award now! Not only is he an incredible singer, he is an incredible dancer and actor, he has the audience in stitches throughout the musical, giving the same level of comic genius as the late Robin Williams in the original film.  

Gavin Adams as Aladdin. Photo by Deen Van Meer

Disney’s Aladdin, is such a wholesome, heartwarming show, which is such a delight to watch and relax into for a show, you know from the first number that you will be entertained. Though there are elements that have been changed from the film such as the change from Abu the monkey to Aladdin’s friends, they are a fun change to bring comic relief and support for Aladdin that was missing from the film. 

For those who have never seen Aladdin before you will not be disappointed, you are presented with a true feast of colours of talents to watch on stage, with the first act culminating in the most exuberant and spectacular performance of “Friend Like Me”. This musical number alone is worth the trip to the theatre; you will not see a more exceptional exhibit of pure talent with incredible singing and dancing from the majority of the cast, you cannot help from smiling with the sheer joy on stage.

I wholeheartedly recommend everyone to come down to MK Theatre and see Disney’s Aladdin whilst it’s in town, it is a fun filled family favourite that will be enjoyed by everyone, and I can guarantee you everyone will leave with a full smile on their faces from this utter joy of a musical. You will be transported to “A Whole New World” with this show. 


Disney’s Aladdin plays at Milton Keynes Theatre until Sunday 19th May 2024. Tickets are available from The tour continues booking until 5th January 2025, visit for full tour schedule.

Desmonda Cathabel as Princess Jasmine. Photo by Deen Van Meer

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