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Priscilla Krahn - Best Fit Peckham Fringe Interview

Three women meet at a bespoke African tailoring shop and, in the midst of piecing together colourful fabrics, unpack their very different lives.

Sade visits Gladys’ boutique to get a dress sewn for a traditional Ghanaian wedding. Whilst keeping Gladys company as she sews dresses, Sade unexpectedly runs into an old acquaintance, Violet. While Sade tries to keep up with the Joneses, Violet just wants to deliver her mail round, and Gladys rushes to finish her orders, an unlikely friendship forms.

Through heated debates, wardrobe mishaps and affirmations, Best Fit candidly explores beauty standards and the pressure to fit in.

As part of our Peckham Fringe interview series we chat to writer and co-producer Priscilla Krahn to learn more. 

What can you tell me about your show?
Best Fit follows three women who meet at a bespoke African tailoring shop ahead of a traditional Ghanaian wedding and, in the midst of piecing together colourful fabrics, unpack their very different lives. Through heated debates, wardrobe mishaps and affirmations, Sade, Violet and Aunty Gladys form an unlikely friendship, and journey together through the themes of beauty standards, womanhood and the pressure to fit in.

The play has been on a beautiful development journey and I would love to share audience feedback from our rehearsed reading that beautifully encapsulates this story: “It’s a play about three completely different women with stories to tell, not stories that define them but stories that give you a snippet of who they are and how they came to be in the present. It’s about community and refuge and the fact that we can find it very locally if we look hard enough.”

Where did the inspiration for the show come from?
I wrote the play initially because I wanted to create a world on stage where Black women existed freely, and were allowed to be their most authentic selves. I began to think about safe spaces for Black women, and a bespoke African tailoring shop is a space I’ve never seen in theatre before. It was an exciting starting point!

I wanted to write a love letter to my younger self and the younger women in my life, whilst also creating a picture where women across generations were more connected and showing the fruit that could come from this - support, uplifting each other, and leaning on the wisdom of older women especially.

How have you approached bringing your show to life?
Bringing this show to life has been a massive team effort. We have a really talented creative team working on various aspects of the production. The show is directed by Dubheasa Lanipekun, with set and costume design by Bolu Dairo. Mwansa Phiri is collaborating with me to produce the play. We have a really exciting cast bringing the characters to life, including Tomi Egbowon-Ogunjobi (Netflix, Sex Education S3), Lorraine Adeyefa (Fully Focused, Girlsplained), and Sara Mokonen (Arcola  Theatre, Taming Who?).

Having faith in the story and the journey of this production has been a massive driving force for me. Putting on a fringe production can feel daunting at times, especially as an early career theatre  maker, but I am always reminded of why I’m telling the story and the powerful communal experience theatre provides to hold and share those stories.

If you were a biscuit, what would you be and 
I would probably be Jammie Dodger because they’ve got a hearty red middle, and maybe it speaks to the passion and love I try to put into work and life.

What keeps you inspired?
Honesty, just living life in the most authentic way - I love seeing poetry in the most simple and seemingly mundane things. I’m particularly inspired by various forms of human connection (maternal, sisterhood, friendship ect.), my West African and Ghanaian culture, and my faith in God always inspires me to dream big.

What do you hope an audience takes away from Peckham Fringe?
I hope audiences are able to step into new worlds through Peckham Fringe Festival - whether that is a bespoke African textiles shop or the other amazing stories that are being showcased at the festival. 

Peckham Fringe Festival introduces diverse stories to theatre and I would hope that audiences see themselves in these stories and feel like theatre is a place for them, if they haven’t felt this before. 

Finally, I really do hope audiences have an enjoyable time at all the shows!

Best Fit plays as part of Peckham Fringe on Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th May 2024. Tickets are available from

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