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Warren Ringham - Q The Music Interview

The world’s most critically acclaimed James Bond concert is back again to tour the UK from May to October 2024. This dedicated tribute band is known for its adrenaline-fueled and stirring concerts, and will be hosted by Miss Moneypenny herself – Bliss, Caroline Bliss. With stunning vocal performances, exquisite musicianship, and detailed arrangements that stay faithful to the iconic spy film franchise, The James Bond Concert Spectacular takes audiences on a thrilling rollercoaster to rival the movies.

Formed in 2004, Q The Music became the world’s first dedicated tribute to the legendary music of 007. The James Bond Concert Spectacular is widely considered to be the finest performance of the James Bond music since the originals, bringing the globally renowned franchise to life on stage. Featuring all the legendary Bond songs, such as Goldfinger, Diamonds Are Forever, Live and Let Die and Nobody Does It Better, this thrilling lineup is sure to excite all audiences, not just the hardcore fans.

Adding further dazzle to this striking night of musical entertainment, Caroline Bliss will be hosting the concert. Guiding audiences throughout the evening, as compere extraordinaire, Caroline Bliss will also be sharing wonderful anecdotes and memories from her time filming The Living Daylights and Licence To Kill. On 13th October at Indigo at the 02, David Zaritsky (The Bond Experience) will act as compere, with special guest appearances from Maud Adams and Britt Ekland, who starred in The Man with the Golden Gun.

Having performed all over the world and previously selling out the West End and Indigo at the 02 Arena, The James Bond Concert Spectacular is set to excite and thrill on their latest UK tour. 

Ahead of the tour we caught up with director Warren Ringham to chat about the show in more detail. 

Where did your arts career begin?
Well, I was very lucky to be born into a very musical family. My father, Paul, was co-principal Trumpet for the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and even played on a couple of albums for John Barry. My great-aunt Maisie was the first ever professional female trombone player…so it was sort of destined for me!

I was 9 years old when I picked up the trumpet, and never looked back.
How did you approach making a career in the arts?
I guess like anyone else, through really hard work and practice. After completing school and a-levels, I studied for 4 years at the Royal College of Music, before entering the profession as a freelance trumpet player.
Were there any performances or people that had a big impact on your formal years?
Mainly my Dad, who, for the first 18 years of my life (before his passing) was my guide and mentor, but there were lots of other people (too many to mention!) who played a part. Film music, especially of Star Wars and…James Bond…did have a huge impact on me. I loved the music and the opportunity to play music from the screen growing up was amazing to me.

Why did you decide to set up Q The Music?
It was a fusion of my main passions: James Bond and live music! I had a function band at the time (that performed at weddings and parties) but I wanted to create something unique, exciting and authentic, and it happened that at the time no one, anywhere in the world, had created a James Bond Band or even put on a James Bond concert. Back then, the only way to see the Bond music performed was the odd John Barry concert. My vision was to take the music to smaller settings originally. Ironically, now we’re bigger than ever!
When did you first experience one of the James Bond films?
I think most James Bond fans will probably tell you the same thing: I can’t really remember a time before they were in my life! I do remember a (video) mix tape my Dad had made of car chases and action moments – something to keep me entertained whilst he practiced when I was very young. The tape contained the speed boat chases from Live and Let Die, which was AMAZING to me as a youngster!
Why do you think the music is so important to James Bond films?
The music in Bond films is so important it becomes a character itself, especially (well mainly) in the movies up until David Arnold stopped doing them. John Barry pioneered a new genre of music, and by Goldfinger (the third film), he’d created a brand new sound (building a little on that of Henry Mancini and some of the 50s detective music) of dark jazz based chords, with his own unique and brilliant orchestration. His ability to endlessly come up with melodies, themes and hooks, mean that almost every single cue of music he created leaves you humming it afterwards. David Arnold followed that on, but in answer to the question: the music became as intrinsic as the characters, sets, costumes, plot and gadgets.
Do you have stand out favourite piece of music from the James Bond films?
There are so many amazing songs and cues, but if I have to pick one of each I’ll say Diamonds Are Forever, and Backseat Driver (chase music from Tomorrow Never Dies)

How do you approach condensing 25 films worth of music and putting it in to a show?
It’s really hard, especially as we are such huge fans of all the scores as well as the songs. Audiences expect all the songs, so that is a given, but we normally squeeze in a few “special” items as well. Once a year, we host a much bigger concert in London, with a bigger band, and play more of the cues from the films.
What would be your favourite (or top 3) Bond films?
Casino Royale

If you were a biscuit, what would you be and why?
The name's digestive. Chocolate digestive. Dunked not stirred.

What keeps you inspired?
Genuinely: Bond fans. Their passion for the films (which we share) and their passion for what we do. We’re lucky to have an incredible following who are so supportive that really keeps us motivated and inspired.

What do you hope an audience takes away from Q The Music Show?
Well I’m confident they will come away feeling the love of Bond, feeling energised and pumped up on adrenaline, and it will make them want to go home and immediately fire up their favourite Bond film!

Q The Music tours in 2024 beginning at Peterborough’s New Theatre on 12th May with dates throughout the year including at Indigo at the o2 Arena on Sunday 13th October. Tickets and full tour details at

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