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Fitzgerald Honger - What Else Is New? Interview

In a series of interviews, we are chatting to artists involved with the 2024 Wandsworth Fringe. The Fringe Festival runs from 7th until 23rd June. 

In this interview, we chat with Fitzgerald Honger about What Else Is New? (Work In Progress).

Where did your arts career begin? 
It began on the stage of a comedy club. I started after university but it took me many years to do it regularly. Once I found my footing, I was able to commit to the craft wholeheartedly. 

What can you tell me about your show? 
It's a comedy show, where I try to take an unserious look at my life.
Where did the idea for the show come from? 
I've experienced a lot of change in my life over the last few years and I wanted a space to document that. It also gave me an opportunity to see how much I've grown as a person since childhood.

How do you prepare for a performance? 
Practice, practice, practice. I found myself in comedy clubs, bars, basements all around the UK testing out my material. The immediate feedback from the audience can either make or break your week.
What is the message of your show? 
Be proud of how far you've come in life and don't forget to have a laugh.
If you were a biscuit, what would you be and why? 
A triple chocolate chip cookie because if you're going to have a treat, you might as well go all out.
Can you describe the show in three words? 
Funny, Silly, charming
When can people see the show and follow the journey beyond? 
You can follow me on instagram and TikTok at Fitzgeraldhonger


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