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Goldilocks: The Ballet Review

Reviewed by Hannah Gibb
Tickets were gifted in return for an honest review

classic twist to a well-loved children’s story of Goldilocks and the three bears is brought to the local theatre to make an enjoyable afternoon and ignite a theatrical spark for children

Photo by Jason Harris

Most adults have heard of the story of Goldilocks and the three bears but I for one, hadn’t come across the ballet version of it, including the character Selfish SidGoldilocks (Holly Moon-Griffiths) comes across the home of the three bears, tries their porridge, sits on each chair, and tries out their beds but low and behold, after she finds little bears (Hannah Smithbed the perfect bed to sleep in, the bears arrive home! After a little chase they befriend Goldilocks, however she runs into trouble as Selfish Sid (James Aiden Kay) takes the pot of honey she is in possession of. Goldilocks has alittle help from her new friends and even converts Selfish Sid to ditch being bad and be nice instead.

Mother and Father bear (Jack Pallister and Melanie Coxprovide great comedy and even tap dancing, which the little audience loved. The use of 1940s ragtime music gives it a brilliant vibe and the rendition of Nutcracker used later in the performance is very inventive. The ballet itself is flawless and elegant. This idyllic little story has the perfect timing for children of about 45 minutes and offers children a photo opportunity with the cast after the performance. The audience participation and relaxed environment really engages the children’s interest and awe.

Photo by Jason Harris

The venue itself is lacking and endured some mishaps at the beginning of the show, however the production is absolutely brilliant and highly recommended for all ages! It is a charming piece to introduce children to ballet.


Reviewed at Stag Theatre in Sevenoaks on 11th May 2024.

Artistic Director: Orit Sutton
Choreographer: Jack Pallister 
Composer: John Lanchbery
Costume Designer: Jane Webster
Lighting Designer: Samm Chang
Design: Anna Yliaho
Set and Props Department: Jonathon Freeman, Sophie Sutton
This show will be touring around the UK in the Spring and Summer 2024 before returning in the Autumn with ‘The Ugly Duckling’ with venues including Sadler’s Well, Lyric Theatre Hammersmith and Leicester Square Theatre

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