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Kathy Maniura - Objectified Interview

In a series of interviews, we are chatting to artists involved with the 2024 Wandsworth Fringe. The Fringe Festival runs from 7th until 23rd June. 

In this interview, we chat with Kathy Maniura about Objectified which plays on 7th June at the Putney Arts Theatre.

Where did your arts career begin?
At the Putney Arts Theatre - which is my Fringe venue! I was in Group 64 Youth Theatre through my teens and it’s where I did my first sketch show and met many of my closest friends. It feels really special to be coming back with my debut solo character comedy show.

What can you tell me about your show?
Objectified is an absurd character comedy show where I bring to life a variety of everyday objects. If they were people, who would they be? You’ll meet an annoying paper straw, a desperate electric scooter and weird, sexy little Airpod among others. The show has been to the Edinburgh Fringe, Brighton Fringe and Leicester Comedy Festival - it was nominated for an award at all of them. This Wandsworth Fringe show will actually be the final performance of the tour and having grown up locally there’s nowhere I’d rather finish it!

Where did the idea for the show come from? 
I’m not sure… I’ve always done character comedy that’s focused on absurd, big personalities. I used to do characters that were people (as is traditional), then I did a couple of animals, then I did a couple of objects… and for some reason the objects were just the most fun, so I thought hey, could I do a show that’s all objects? Turns out yes, yes I could.

How do you prepare for a performance?
I have a snack, I have a stretch, I look at myself in the mirror and tell myself to have fun, I go to the toilet about 10 times and nevertheless think I might piss myself onstage.

What is the message of your show?
Ultimately, it’s about finding joy and laughs in the little, everyday things.

If you were a biscuit, what would you be and why?
This question is SO up my street obviously. I think a chocolate hobnob - there’s a couple of layers (a silly chocolate one and some oats for substance), it’s filling and if you warm me up in the microwave I’m like a flapjack.

Can you describe the show in three words?
Silly, silly objects.

When can people see the show and follow the journey beyond?
7th June at the Putney Arts Theatre. I’m already working on my next show which is actually about a human (a middle-aged cyclist) and will be doing work in progress shows this summer - keep up to speed on Insta @kathykathymm

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