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Bonnie and Clyde The Musical - Live in Concert Review

Reviewed by Jess Boot-Cowie
Stream was gifted in return for an honest review.

For a West End staged concert, the pro-shot of Bonnie and Clyde at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane certainly feels very Broadway. Certainly, there is very minimal set, and if you are expecting a fully fledged show, you might by disappointed, but there are spectacular tap dance numbers, there are choreographed moments, and the chemistry between the titular characters sizzles. 

Frances Mayli McCann and Jeremy Jordan.

Filmed in January 2022, with a mask wearing audience, the production is led by Broadway legend/institution/icon Jeremy Jordan and Francis Mayli Mcann, of Heathers and Pricilla Queen of the Desert fame. It is worth noting that Jordan originated the role of Clyde on Broadway in 2011, and McCann went on to originate the role of Bonnie in the West End the following year. The pair balance each other out perfectly – Jordan’s harsh sinisterness is counteracted by McCann’s comparative innocence. The chemistry between the two could set Drury Lane on fire.
A mention must go to Natalie McQueen as Blanche, who’s southern accent is so convincing one must presume she spent time in Texas for the role. Her and her onstage husband George Maguire as Buck seem to flow into one another – without spoilers, as McQueen as Blanche is led off stage at the end, you do feel complete and utter sympathy for her treatment at the hands of Buck. 

Phillip Whitcomb’s set design is neat and chic – a sense of the world is created without steering too far away from the fact that this is a staged concert, rather than a full-scale production. The times it does stray away from this are towards the middle of the show, when characters launch into a full-blown dance number. Whilst this is, in every aspect, visually stunning, and very fun, it does take you out of the production for a moment and question some of the staged concert aspect of it. 

As a pro shot, it is impressively filmed – indeed, at moments, it is hard to remember that the audience is even there. It is slick and well made, and the cast are phenomenal.


Bonnie and Clyde The Musical is available to stream through where there are merchandise bundles also available.

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