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Dallas James Pritt - Somehow (Beautiful To Me) Interview

Dallas James Pritt shines brightly as a rising star in the entertainment industry, captivating audiences across the nation with his dynamic performances in theme parks, regional theaters, and on screens both big and small. Currently, Dallas commands the stage as an Equity Principal Actor at Walt Disney World's Hollywood Studios, enchanting audiences with his portrayal in the beloved Frozen show.
Recognized for his memorable on-screen roles, Dallas has left an indelible mark with appearances such as Chet in season two of CMT's Still The King alongside Billy Ray Cyrus, as well as notable roles in commercials like the Pimple in the Curology commercial and the iconic 'Uh-oh' guy in the Toyota Mall Terrain commercial.
Hailing from Dayton, Ohio, Dallas's passion for performance ignited at a young age, with his journey spanning from his debut in Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella in second grade to his involvement in a pilot for an MTV reality show about competitive show choir in high school. A true self-starter and creative force, Dallas has consistently forged his own path, seizing opportunities and crafting a diverse career.
His creative endeavors extend beyond the stage and screen, with Dallas's talents showcased in the award-winning short film 'A Heart's Calling.' This poignant work garnered acclaim from industry professionals such as Emmy Winner Dan Bucatinsky, Recording Artist Trey Pearson, and Broadway sensation George Salazar, who praised Dallas's soulful performance and profound storytelling.

The impact of 'A Heart's Calling' reached far and wide, earning attention from producers at The Ellen Degeneres Show and support from organizations such as The Tyler Clementi Foundation, GLSEN, and FreedHearts. Venturing into the world of music, Dallas unveiled his debut single, "Somehow (Beautiful to Me)," a collaborative effort with renowned musical theatre and pop songwriter Joey Contreras.

His artistic journey has also taken him to esteemed venues including off-Broadway's York Theatre Company, Theatre West Virginia, and iconic amusement parks such as Cedar Point, Six Flags Over Georgia, and Kings Island. Dallas's commitment to his craft is underscored by his academic achievements, culminating in a BFA in Musical Theatre from Roosevelt University's Chicago College of Performing Arts and Lipscomb University's College of Entertainment and the Arts. With an unwavering dedication to his artistry, Dallas James Pritt continues to inspire audiences with his talent, authenticity, and boundless creativity.

Dallas just released his debut single “Somehow (Beautiful To Me)” which has been written with musical theatre composer Joey Contreras. The beautiful single is brilliant performed, with touching and comforting lyrics and emotive music.

We sat down to chat to Dallas to learn more.

Where did your career begin?
I did my first community theatre production in elementary (primary) school of Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella. I really loved it and wanted to do more and more. I then began taking voice lessons, going to theatre camps, and eventually started working professionally in High (secondary) School before going to get my undergraduate degree in musical theatre. 

When did you know that you wanted to perform/sing?
When I was a kid, I became obsessed with the VHS recording of Andrew Llyod Weber's CATS from the West End production. I wore the tape out. I dressed up like a cat consistently, would often belt 'Memory' at the top of my lungs, and memorized all of Gillian Lynne's choreography. I truly believe after that I knew I was going to be a performer and musical theatre just became a part of my life from that moment on. I tell everyone that film was the influence that made me go into this as a career. 

Where did the inspiration for your debut single Somehow (Beautiful To Me) come from?
The inspiration for the song was a couple of things. I am most often cast in the comedic character actor roles, and it doesn't provide much opportunity to truly sing as myself and bare my soul. I genuinely love making people laugh and enjoy providing that joy, but also really crave the chance to just sing from the heart. This single was a chance to accomplish that and just be me as myself with no other layers or quirks. I also am a big believer of sharing your heart in order to heal and make a difference in the world, and this felt like a perfect opportunity to do that. I was thrilled to share a little piece of my journey with others in hopes they could also identify themselves in the piece as well. 

What is the message of the song?
The message of the song is simply hope. Overcoming past trauma, toxic cycles, and owning who you are (flaws and all) are a part of being able to be your best self and live fully in the world. I think society, our industry, and even familial systems try to tell us who to be and what to do. This song strives to be an encouragement that we can get to the 'other side' by allowing us to break free of all the hurt and pain so we can step into our own worthiness and shine our light to wholly love ourselves and others.  

Dallas James Pritt with Joey Contreras

How did the collaboration with Joey Contreras come about?
I first was introduced to Joey's work via YouTube by seeing a video of Natalie Weiss (who vocal consulted on the single) in Middle (secondary) school. I quickly became a fan, bought his music, and later sang it in my university's freshman showcase after pitching it with my college roomate Damon J. Gillespie (NBC's Rise, Netflix's Tiny Pretty Things). So this collaboration has really been in the works of my life and became a full-circle moment for me. In June of last year, I came upon multiple independent artists who were creating work for themselves and releasing their own music. If there's one thing people know about me, I constantly make a place for myself at the table and will hustle to accomplish dreams of mine in the chance that it will never be provided to me. I have always wanted to do this, and I kept going to bed and waking up thinking about recording an original song for weeks - it truly would not leave my mind. I thought of a few musical theatre writers I could only hope to work with, and Joey was at the top of that list. I then asked some of my closest friends what they thought and they told me to take a chance and reach out to Joey. The worst that could happen would be no response or him declining, so I took the risk and emailed him. Thankfully Joey and I had mutual friends, he stalked me online to see if I could sing and then agreed to work with me and basically set everything up for my debut single and music video with his husband Brian Russell Carey taking charge of filming. They both have now become awesome friends and cheerleaders for my success and I am so grateful to them and this experience.   

How have you reacted to the initial reaction to the track?
I have been overwhelmed and truly just trying to take it all in. I have to constantly pinch myself that I did something so cool and that I got to work with people I have admired for years. It's still so early in the release as it's only been out for about two weeks. However, there's been many enthusiastic reviews, interview requests, and even the first radio play in the UK. I never could have guessed the song would be enjoyed outside of the United States, and it makes me feel so humbled. I cried hearing it on the radio after a cast album recording - it just hit me that I'm so lucky and honestly proud of myself for doing something I had never done.  

What are your future plans?
There's been so much excitement, I genuinely think I will make another song. With who? No idea. There's so many writers I'd love to work with, Pasek and Paul, Shaiman & Wittman, Ingrid Michaelson, Sara Barellis, William Finn, Alan Menken, Andrew Lippa...ahh the list is too long to include them all. However, clearly many of these names are a pipe-dream, but you never know and I'm excited to see what's next in the journey! For the time being, I am currently a standby Equity Principal Actor at Walt Disney World where I cover an 'icy show' in the Hollywood Studios park. I am getting ready to celebrate my 2-year anniversary with the production and have thoroughly enjoyed my time there so far. 

Where can people hear the track?
The song is available on all music streaming platforms, though Spotify seems to be everyone's go-to choice. There's also an official music video on YouTube with Joey Contreras playing the piano, and his talented husband, Brian Russell Carey (currently in Broadway's Cabaret), did fantastic cinematic work. I'd love it if everyone checked out both the song and video, and added it to a playlist so many others can hear it and hopefully enjoy it!

You can stream the single on Spotify -

You can watch the video on YouTube -

You can find about more about Dallas by visiting their website You can also follow Dallas on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube

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