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Oh Oh - Compagnia Baccalà - Edinburgh Fringe Interview

As part of our Edinburgh Fringe 2024 coverage, we are running a series of interviews with artists and creatives that are taking part in the festival. 

In this interview, we speak to the team behind Oh Oh by Compagnia Baccalà.

Where did your arts career begin?
Compagnia Baccalà was born from the union of Simone Fassari (him) and Camilla Pessi (her). After 4 years in circus they created Pss Pss, and Oh Oh the rest is history.

Winner of 15 international prizes, unique, funny, virtuoso and very charming Pss Pss has been performed over 1000 times in over 53 countries and on 5 continents to huge acclaim. An hour of happiness.

What can you tell me about your show?
After the stunning success of PSS PSS, the multi-award-winning Compagnia Baccalà returns to the Fringe! OH OH is an absurd & wordless acrobatic pas-de-deux, full of humour - an encounter between clowning, circus, and physical theater at its best.

How would you describe the style of the show?
Physical comic theater with circus elements in the style of Buster Keaton, Charly Chaplin... Jaques Tati...

How have you approached developing the piece?
After the stunning success of PSS PSS, the multi-award-winning Compagnia Baccalà returns to the Fringe with OH OH! The new show is firmly placed in the history of clowning, harkening back to such figures as Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and Fellini. OH OH is a wordless performance, a joyful combination of acrobatics, humour, and slapstick. It is a slice in the life of a double act, an absurd pas-de-deux, an encounter between clowning circus and physical theater at its best.

We always start from improvisation!

How do/will you prepare yourself for a run at the Fringe?
Physical and psychophysical preparation every day 1 hour! Usually 3 hours before the show then we put on make-up and prepare the stage and enjoy the moment of silence before the audience arrives! Magic!

Other than the show, what’s something you’re looking forward to doing in Edinburgh this year?
Enjoy beautiful Scotland! Take advantage and see shows and exchange with the many people who have come from all over the world

What keeps you inspired?
People! The exchange of energies! In a world where the screen is becoming too present we enjoy smiling and seeing people smile instantly!

We Love Buster Keaton, Jaques Tati, Annie Fratellini etc.etc.

What do you hope an audience takes away from seeing the show?
That they spent a happy hour, that they understood that silence and calm are precious and that they returns home with a heart that smiles for days.
Where can audiences see the show?
2.15 pm Underbelly George Square 31 July/26 August ( not 12&19)

Ps:We are proud to have toured the whole world (and continue to travel) with 57 countries and all continents being a small company without large producers behind it! Our motto is: "Never stop believing in dreams"

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