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Best Friends Cabaret at The Camden Fringe.

The easiest path to fame? A self-funded feminist comedy cabaret. Duh.

New musical comedy arrives at the Camden Fringe.

Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th August at 8.30pm (running time one hour)
Aces and Eights, 156-158 Fortress Road, Tufnell Park, London, NW5 2HP
Tickets only £10 and are available from

Best friends Alice and Livvy believe strongly in female friendship, but more importantly in being the centre of attention. Sharing their misadventures in a brand new piece of musical theatre, Alice and Livvy take their audience on a journey of faulty feminism, show tunes, and competitive kick lines.

Making its debut at the 2019 Camden Fringe, Best Friends: A Cabaret is a funny, frantic, and irreverent exploration of female friendship and the pursuit of fame. Musical theatre enthusiasts and shameless show-offs Alice and Livvy explore the vicissitudes of living, working, and dating in London in this new cabaret, with songs including ‘I Try To Do the Splits at Parties’, ‘It’s Not Easy Being Us’ and ‘To All the Boys I’m Currently Messaging’.

This sassy, sparky, musical romp will feel familiar to any recent graduates, young theatre-makers, and anyone who’s had to battle with their own demonic drunk alter-ego.

Alice Coombes and Livvy Perrett

Alice Coombes and Livvy Perrett graduated from University College London in 2018. They performed together in Into the Woods at the Shaw Theatre and co-directed The Pajama Game at UCL. Their previous fringe credits include James and the Giant Peach (2016) and Meat (2017), both Zoo Monkey House at the Edinburgh Fringe. This is their first co-written project and Camden Fringe debut.

You can follow the show on across the social media platforms:
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Sounds exciting doesn't it?. Please go and support Alice and Livvy in their new venture which sounds fabulous. Running Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th August at 8.30pm and Ace and Eights in Camden. Tickets avalible at

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