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Seeing Shows More Than Once.

Often I think people who don't love theatre don't understand why I and many of my fellow theatre lovers go and see the same shows numerous times. I was watching Loose Women with my mum this lunchtime and they had a discussion about adults who go to Disneyland and how a couple of the panellists simply thought this was wrong or stupid. I hope this blog post makes those who don't believe why return visits are great and not a bad thing.

Personally, for me, I normally re-see a show that I've felt connected too. If I see a show I've really enjoyed I normally want to return as soon as possible. I think people forget that live theatre is also different every single time. You can watch the same show with the same cast 100 times and every single performance is going to be different simply because that is how live performance is. You truly can't beat live theatre.

All of my last 4 visits to the theatre in the past 3 weeks have been to see Amelie. I still see new things watching it. I still hear new things. I still pick up different things. I still get the same amazing feeling I got when I watched the show the first time.

I've seen numerous shows 5 times plus, in fact, I've seen Rocky Horror Show over 60 times. That might sound silly to those who don't get it or understand but it's always something different, especially seeing it in different theatres up and down the UK.

I tweeted out asking for people's views on seeing the same show more than once and here are some of the responses I got:

@stecodes: 1000% into it. You see new things each time

@broadwaybobnyc: Hard to justify the cost but it can be really great to see something you love again. It's especially exciting when you know a really great number is coming up. I usually only do it if I'm with someone who wants to see it for the first time, but sometimes treat myself.

@MTlivesinme: Love it! The same show is never exactly the same. You notice different things, see different things. It's wonderful

@ivebroughtticket: If people enjoy something so much and it makes them happy then why not? I know I buy returning tickets to a show on the knowledge than I know it’s going to make me happy and forget the world for three hours

@high_onahill: I would see most shows twice (or more!) if I could afford it/live near enough... There's always new things to spot, a different cast member - even just sitting in a different seat makes for a different experience. Sometimes it's just so brilliant you have to go again.

@miagoddardx: You never see the exact same show more than once

@Terry_Ea: You never see the same show more than once. Every time is a unique experience.

@musical_manda: It’s their life. Let them do with it what they want. Personally I always get more out of a show on the second visit anyway. There’s certainly worse ways you could spend your time and money!

@DaveRiddell59: I watch many shows many times and every time you see or notice something you didn't before. People watch a great movie a dozen times, so why not a show (except for the cost!)? Also, seeing different actors adds a new dimension.

@craftymiss: I've seen many shows multiple times. I find something new in them everytime I've visited; understudy on, cast change, new MD, new theatre. The bottom line is, my money, my choices

@Michatheatrefan Their life, their spare time, their money especially if it makes them happy. And even if same production no show is the same due many reasons - cast, audience etc. And if it is even a different production of the same show - more reasons as it can be totally different.

@Suzyy_H: I love it! So often I miss things first (or second, or even third) time around, and notice something different each time - be it cast related, staging, harmonies, anything! If I love a show, why wouldn’t I go back? It’s the equivalent to watching a film/tv show in my opinion!

I hate people who judge others for what people like/don't like. If someone wants to see the same show 1000 times GO FOR IT! If it's something you love why not? You are here on Earth once. You've got to do the things you love.

I hope this blog post makes people understand a little bit more.

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