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Maggie Lynne Interview

Maggie Lynne is currently appearing in the London production of Wicked where she is part of the ensemble and covers for Nessarose. She answered a few questions about appearing in such an iconic show.

Q: How did you get into acting? Did you always want to act?
A:I always liked to prance about and perform songs and dance routines for my poor parents from about the age of 3 but I never really saw it as a career, I wanted to be a lawyer! So I made sure I had the grades to do that whilst still studying at Knightswood (The Dance School of Scotland) then tried my luck in London and continued to study Musical Theatre at Mountview Academy of theatre arts! It’s been a journey but I’ve loved it!

Q: What was it like to join such an iconic smash hit musical?
A: A dream come true!! It was daunting and at times a little scary but it’s an incredible show with a beautiful story and one I am so proud to be a part of. It was a show that I had always said ‘if I can be in that, I’ve reached my final goal.’ Now I don’t want to stop!

Q: You're currently in you're the second year with the show. What made you want to continue for a second year?
A: I love it. People ask me all the time ‘doesn’t it get boring doing the same thing every night?’ But it doesn’t. Every single person on stage and off has something beautiful to bring to the show as individuals and that keeps it fresh. It’s the same formula but we are always finding new things every night.

Q: What's your favourite number in the show?
A: Loathing. It’s fun and snappy and you can really play around with your character on stage!

Q: You currently understudy Nessarose. What's it like covering the role?
A: It’s great! She’s a brilliant acting role and has so many sides to her which has been wonderful to explore. I love covering because you get the fun and enjoyment of the ensemble but then you get the added bonus of stepping out and playing a set character with a through journey.

Photo by Matt Crockett
Q: How many costume changes do you have as part of your ensemble track?
A: 10! And 3 wigs. Our dressers and wigs department are amazing!

Q: Do you have a favourite costume?
A: I love all of my costumes but although my Ozdust is very cute I love my Emerald City costume! Everyone looks stunning!

Q: If you could play any other role in the show who would you pick to play and why?
A: Galinda! It has always been my absolute dream to play that role one day. She goes on the biggest journey in the show in my opinion and really has to grow as a person. Yep, that’s the dream right there!

Q: The show recently celebrated its 13th birthday in London. Why do you think the show has such a lasting appeal?
A: It is so relevant to today’s current political and ethical climate. It’s a story about friendship and manipulation which everyone can relate to. It also massively helps that the songs are incredible, the costumes are unrivalled and the staging and lighting really takes the audience to a different place.

Q: We recently saw you as part of Sunday at the Musicals up in Leicester where you sang a couple of songs (I Could Have Danced All Night and No-One But You). How did you find the experience?
A: Ooooh, thank you very much! I loved it! It was a brilliant experience to be performing alongside some incredible names! I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Wicked the Musical continues at London's Apollo Victoria Theatre. For booking visit

We thank Maggie for her time and wish her continued success with Wicked and beyond.

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