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Isolation Interviews: Jack Meredith

Our next Isolation Interview is with Jack Meredith. Jack Is part of the original cast of Sir Tom Stoppard's latest play Leopoldstadt. He was also in Joseph at the London Palladium and Caroline or Change, a role which gained Jack a Stage Debut Performing Child of the Year nomination.

Q - What was the first show that you remember seeing?
A - My first show was the Lion King in London.

Q - What inspired you to get into theatre?
A - I used to do it as one of several hobbies before someone suggested I should get an agent and then I started auditions just to see what happened for the experience.

Jack in Leopoldstadt.
Q - What are your favourite plays/musicals (you can pick up to 5)
A -
1- Dear Evan Hansen
2- Hamilton
3- Joseph
4- Death of a Salesman
5- Wicked

Q - What's the best piece of advice you've been given?
A - Be yourself and if you work hard you will succeed.

Q - Before the current situation closed the theatres you were part of the company of Leopoldstadt at London's Wyndham's Theatre. How has the experience of working on Tom Stoppard's new play?
A -It was my first play so great to learn from such theatrical greats such as Patrick Marber and Sir Tom Stoppard who I had some lovely chats with. Being part of the original cast was fascinating to see the play develop.

Q - You spent last summer in Joseph at the London Palladium working alongside Jac Yarrow, Sheridan Smith and Jason Donovon. I bet it was thrilling to share the stage with them when you performed?
A - Yes particularly dancing closely with Sheridan who was like a mum to us and shadowing Jason who was behind the curtain dancing in time together.

Q - You were nominated for Performing Child of the Year the 2019 Stage Debut Awards for your performance in Caroline, or Change. Did that top off a wonderful time on your first show?
A - Absolutely. I found out during Joseph and having such a major role for my West End debut was a dream come true - singing solos in front of a full theatre. I wish I could do it again as I love a challenge.

Q - If you could have dinner with 3 theatre-related guests (doesn't have to just be performers). Who would you invite and why?
A - Sharon D Clarke as she was so kind to me in Caroline and working very closely with a great was an invaluable experience. We got on really well and had a good sense of humour.

Andrew Lloyd Webber as I could learn so much from him and I’m sure he has some brilliant stories

Sir Tom Stoppard as he could take a look at my play script and I’d ask him tips on how to write great theatre !!

Lauren Ward who would have some great stories to tell and we shared special moments in Caroline having dinner with her between shows

Q - Away from the theatre what are your favourite hobbies?
A - Writing shows with friends, piano, golf and riding my bike.

Q - Can you tell us something we might not know about you?
A- I was born on the 4th July (US Independence Day) and I'm also very independent. Also for one night in Leopoldstadt, I had to perform both roles Young Jacob and Leo as my friend was unwell.

I'd like to thank Jack and his father Jon for taking the time to take part in this interview. I wish Jack well for a prosperous performing career. If you want to follow Jack's Twitter

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