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Cluedo - UK Tour Review

"A new British play, based on an American play, based on an American film, based on a British film." is the subtitle of Mark Bell's director's note in the programme for Cluedo as the first UK tour production arrives at Curve.

Tom Babbage, Etisyai Phillips, Wesley Griffiths, Laura Kirman, Jean-Luke Worrell, Michelle Collins, Judith Amsenga, Daniel Casey. Photo by Craig Sugden

Whether you know the classic board game or the cult movie adaptation, titled Clue, it's an instantly recognisable world of murder mystery, a classic British country manor, a group of strangers and a body count that increases during the performance. 

The 6 well-known characters, Miss Scarlett, Professor Plum, Colonel Mustard, Mrs White, Mrs Peacock and Reverend Green arrive at Boddy Manor summoned by a mysterious letter that links all these strangers together. Much like the board game, everyone is a suspect and the intrigue is what keeps the pacy play ticking. 

Bell's best-known success is directing Mischief Theatre's The Play That Goes Wrong and it's difficult to not compare these murder mysteries, Cluedo maybe suffers by not going completely over-the-top at times. There are some fantastic moments of comedy throughout and there's excellent timing, especially when moving around to different rooms but at times the jokes do fall a little flat.

David Farley's set cleverly roots the piece in a central lobby with doors opening to the different rooms. The transitions do feel a little clunky at times as walls open to open the rooms and it does feel a bit make shift but it works for the comedy of the piece especially as the group split off into pairs and this sets afoot a quick tour of the house.

Daniel Casey, Laura Kirman, Tom, Babbage, Etisayi Phillips, Jean-Luke Worrell, Judith Amsenga. Photo by Craig Sugden

There's great characterisation by a talented company of actors, though at times it feels slightly reigned in. Meg Travers is particularly impressive in understudying Miss Scarlett, she's sultry and strong throughout, Georgia Bradley also impresses in understudying Mrs White. Daniel Casey as Professor Plum, Tom Babbage as clumsy Reverend Green, Wesley Griffith as Colonel Mustard and Judith Amenga as Mrs Peacock are all highly watchable but it's undeniable that the star turn is by Jean-Luke Worrell as Butler Wadsworth, he is deliciously over-the-top and a total delight to watch. Special mention must go to Harry Bradley who combines numerous supporting roles to great comedic effect, especially in one scene as his moustache fell off!

Murder's great guessing game will keep you guessing right until the conclusion and whilst on stage, it doesn't work quite as well as the film there's still plenty to enjoy particularly in those performances. Fine murder mystery fun.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Cluedo continues at Curve until Saturday 11th June 2022. Tickets are available The tour continues with dates until the middle of July. Full tour schedule and booking details at

Michelle Collins, Tom Babbage, Judith Amsenga, Etisyai Phillips, Daniel Casey. Photo by Craig Sugden

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