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The Cher Show - Theatre Royal Nottingham Review

Upon reviewing The Cher Show at Curve, its opening UK and Ireland touring venue, I hailed the show as "a monumental hit" and now as it arrives in Nottingham I got to revisit the production and if anything it's grown stronger.

The cast at the curtain call in Nottingham

The show tells the life story of the iconic star from her childhood right through to her 90s return to the big time. Flying through various ups and downs along the way, with fame taking its toll on relationships and on Cher herself. Rick Elice's book manages to concisely let us travel through these moments at quite a pace without any moment feeling too rushed or over fleshed out. 

Dame Arlene Philips has done a sterling job of directing this production, it doesn't shy away from the light or the dark moments. Philips manages to make the piece never simply feel like a tribute act but simply a cracking uplifting piece of theatre. Since that opening at Curve, there have clearly been some minor tweaks to the production and that has helped solidify it's strength.

For the music lovers, The Cher Show contains 35 songs that fit well for the story being told without ever feeling out of place. There's a cracking band under the musical direction of Danny Belton that bring to life hit after hit.

Visually the piece is dazzling too. Ben Cracknell's visionary lighting tricks light up the stage in a fabulous way and paired with a set designed by Tom Rogers that feels like we're backstage peering into Cher's life enhanced by various props and set pieces. There is clever use of the various props or lights that signal which year we're currently in during a scene.

If you think the set and the lighting are the visual peaks then throw in Gabriella Slade's impressive array of costumes. These are key to Cher's image and Slade has created a wardrobe full of fabulous outfits with wigs, hair and make-up designed by Sam Cox. It's not only Cher's outfits though but everyone looks stunning, particularly the ensemble in their slick black outfits. 

Debbie Kurup as Star (centre) in The Cher Show. Photo by Pamela Raith.

Portraying Cher and her mannerisms and her instantly recognisable vocal tone is never going to be easy but the three leading ladies who take upon the role in various stages of her life are nothing short of phenomenal. Jasmine Jules Andrews is covering the role of Babe usually played by Millie O'Connell for a few weeks whilst Millie returns to Six, and her debut performance was remarkable. Andrews was assured and confident throwing out effortless vocals.

The next stage of Cher's life, Lady, is portrayed by the brilliant Danielle Steers. The casting of Steers is perfection, rarely is a role so well befitted to someone. Steers carries the role so well, she nails every beat and hits every note with her incredible vocal range. It truly is one of those performances you just sit back in awe of. 

Completing the trio is an outstanding performance from Debbie Kurup as Star. Kurup does a great job of humanising Cher and making her emotions feel raw and real. Kurup carries Cher with such skill and believability. Kurup's vocals are first-rate too. Much like the role entails Kurup is a star.

If those fabulous performances weren't enough then there's even more superb work from the supporting cast. Lucas Rush is a delight as Sonny. Rush manages the journey of the character, from a warm likeable presence who ends up encased by drive and ambition that ultimately leads to the break up of the relationship with Cher, with real skill and with quite a cracking vocal range too.

Sam Ferriday plays a variety of roles, each of which he commands well particularly in the second act as both Greg Allman and Rob Camilletti when you get the full of effect of his powerful voice. Tori Scott is strong as Cher's mother Georgia, and Jake Mitchell is never not delightful in supporting roles but especially as Bob Mackie. 

The energetic ensemble is magnificent in bringing to life Oti Mabuse's fluid and dynamic choreography. The energy and flair they bring to the production are not to be understated. 

Throughout the show, there are songs you may want to join in with (please don't!), but as the pre-show message says "I'll give you your chance at the end" and that moment comes in a roof-raising curtain call medley of songs including "Believe" and an explosion of joy in "If I Could Turn Back Time". The Cher Show is that monumental hit that I mentioned at the beginning and then some. Undeniably sensational entertainment.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Cher Show continues at Nottingham's Theatre Royal until Saturday 11th June. Tickets are available from The tour continues thereafter with dates and booking details at

Lucas Rush as Sonny Bono & Danielle Steers as Lady in The Cher Show. Photo by Pamela Raith

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