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Furzedown Pridestravaganza - Wandsworth Fringe Interview

In a series of interviews, we are chatting to artists involved with the 2024 Wandsworth Fringe. The Fringe Festival runs from 7th until 23rd June. 

In this interview, we chat with Furzedown Pridestravaganza about their show which runs at the Furzedown pub on 14th June.

Where did your arts career begin?
Our career in producing shows began last year. We knew there was a hit show in the making and we were right!

What can you tell me about your show?
Our show is a combination of queer comedy and amazing drag performances

Where did the idea for the show come from?
The idea for Furzedown Pridestravaganza came from my twin sons George & Henry. My partner (a guy) and I (another guy) adopted our boys ten years ago. We were walking down our street one day and one of the boys said, "there's a lot of gays on our street." "How many do you think there are?" the other one asked. We then totted up the people we knew and it came to fifteen. One of the boys
said, "That's enough for a Pride Parade!" And that was the beginning of Furzedown Pridestravaganza!

How do you prepare for a performance?
Coordinate a bunch of creative folks!

What is the message of your show?
Furzedown is a diverse community in the heart of South London where LGBT+ individuals are an integral part of the neighbourhood’s fabric. June is Pride Month, so let’s celebrate together!

If you were a biscuit, what would you be and why?
A white-chocolate covered oreo cookie. Who doesn't love those!

Can you describe the show in three words?
Comedy, Camp and Community

When can people see the show and follow the journey beyond?
Friday 14th June 2024 at the Furzedown Pub!

You can find out the full list of events at the Wandsworth Fringe from their website

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