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Cath Mattos - Producer - Wandsworth Fringe Interview

In a series of interviews, we are chatting to artists involved with the 2024 Wandsworth Fringe. The Fringe Festival runs from 7th until 23rd June.
In this interview, we chat with producer Cath Mattos about her work on the Fringe. 

Where did your arts career begin?
My arts career began at Brighton Fringe back in 2008, this is where I cut my teeth, and my love of fringe was developed. I then met and started working with my colleague Holly Lombardo who was busy developing World Fringe, which is a network of over 300 fringe festivals globally, we’ve been working on this ever since.

How did you first become a producer?
I started organising and programming drag and cabaret shows, and other arts events for a local HIV charity in Brighton, and developed into a Producer during my time at Brighton Fringe, I was working on the outdoor arts elements, and lots of those skills are the same as a festival producer, and it was a natural development.

What does the role of a producer entail at Wandsworth Fringe?
I am involved with all elements of the festival from artist development, venue liaison and grants assessments, all the way to feeding in to website development, and all the logistics of event planning and technical requirements.

How do you approach the planning and programming of the events that run throughout the Fringe?
WAF is an open access arts festival, meaning anyone can take part as long as they 1) have an idea for a WAF event they would like to present at the fringe, 2) they can book themselves into a venue within Wandsworth and 3) they register themselves on our website.

However, there is a lot of work going into this process, meaning we have a comprehensive plan for reaching out to local, London wide, national and international artists and companies to encourage them to be involved with WAF. We visit other festivals, join artist networks and social groups, and do a call out campaign online and in print to appeal for artists to come take part in the celebration of Wandsworth and all things WAF.

What is the biggest challenge that you’ve faced ahead of this year’s Fringe and how have you overcome it?
Making sure the festival is feeling fresh and relevant and appealing to the artists, ensuring they come away feeling they have learned, grown and achieved their ambitions they had for WAF. Every year we have to work in a programme responsive way based on the companies that have shown interest and registered and guiding them through this process so they can build their networks and audience base.

What can an audience expect from this year’s festival?
We have such a wide variety of great emerging artists and new work in progress shows, our Associate Producers are bringing some fun and intriguing theatre, comedy, cabaret and we have an awesome free day of circus, bringing fun for all the family.

What keeps you inspired?
Hearing artists initial ideas spawning and then seeing the unfolding and the progress of this creative process developing into their first public showing at the fringe. The ideas are so incredible, and moving, and brilliant, I just love that!

How would you describe the Fringe in 3 words?
Groundbreaking, inspiring, fun

You can find out more about the full programme of events at Wandsworth Fringe by visiting

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