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Luca Brugnoli - Through My Eyes Interview

14-year-old Luca Brugnoli from West Sussex is celebrating the release of his debut mainstream album, Through My Eyes. The album was released for digital download on 30 May 2024. 

Through My Eyes is a vocal journey following a new path to Luca's predominantly classical first album Rise Up, which was released last year. It features an eclectic and exciting combination of well-known Musical Theatre standards as well as Luca’s interpretation of some pop classics. Recorded in Luca's thirteenth year, Through My Eyes marks the ending of his treble voice and the new beginnings of the artist that Luca wishes to become.

Released through Tunecore, Through My Eyes will be available to stream through all popular digital platforms including iTunes and Spotify from now.  For those who prefer a hard copy, a physical CD is available through Luca’s website (

We chatted with Luca to learn more about the album.

When did you discover you wanted to be a singer?
I started singing at quite a young age mainly for fun. When I was in year 1 at school one of my teachers said that I was actually quite good, so I started having singing lessons. A few months later I won a competition at school and then auditioned for Libera boys choir, in London. At that point, I just knew I wanted to become a singer. It was something I was good at and something that helped me in my school day. It enabled me to concentrate and was something to look forward to, breaking up the more academic subjects. I do like school, but I’m passionate about art, drama and music.

How did you go about selecting the tracks for the album?
The tracks were discussed between me and my mentor Dominic Ferris. Dom is great in that he allows me free reign with my choice of music. We ‘routine’ a song and then at the end of it decide together as to whether we should go ahead and record. It was important to me that the tracks were a mixture of genres so that the listener can hear that I can sing more than one type of music, which (fingers crossed) will help me in the future.

To be releasing an album at age 14, how does that feel and what are you hopes going forwards?
I have released my first solo album at 12. This was mainly classical repertoire and then we recorded this current album ‘Through My Eyes’ when I was 13. It’s great to have produced something completely different. It feels really special that with the help of my family and many others that this has been completed. Moving forwards, I still wish to record and aspire to being in the music industry. My voice is changing, but with practice and the great guidance that I am getting with Dominic Ferris, I’m hoping that the industry will like my new voice.

What was the first moment like when you got to hear one of the completed tracks for the first time?
I don’t actually like hearing my own tracks. I’m very critical of my music and of course that means there is always something I could have done better. It is great though to see other people’s positive comments and great to know that my music makes others happy. My favourite track is probably ‘The Prayer’ as I sang all the voice parts and really do like a challenge.

How has the mentorship of Jonathan Antoine helped you grow and develop?
I studied Jonathan Antoine’s version of The Prayer in order to record the song. I also reached out to him on Instagram for advice and was blown away when he responded. He’s such a genuinely nice guy and we then met in person up in London. From then we have exchanged emails where he gives me singing tips and reassurance as I go through vocal change. He is the most amazing singer- his volume unbelievable (awe inspiringly loud without a microphone!) but most of all he is so genuine. I am very lucky to have a direct line to someone that is such a great role model and I believe that we will remain in touch for a long time.

What inspires you to perform?
Music makes me happy. I’m inspired to continue to perform by my setbacks. It’s not been an easy road and sometimes you just must keep going even if others don’t like your voice. A boy singing treble is not to everyone’s liking and to be honest some of my peers have thought it a little weird, but now that my voice is changing, I appear to be getting more support. I guess my biggest inspiration is/ was Freddie Mercury. He was not only a showman but had an enormous vocal range and could sing literally any genre of music.

What do you hope someone takes away from listening to the album?
The songs all tell a different story so it’s hard to predict what people will think. I hope that the listener can find at least one song to emotionally relate to and likes my version of that song.

Where can people listen to the album and follow your journey?
The album is available on all digital platforms . You can follow my journey on social media:- Twitter (X) @lucabrugnoli12, Instagram luca_brugnoli_official, Facebook: @Lucabrugnoliofficial, Youtube

Visit for more information and to purchase a physical copy of the album.

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