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Sister Act - Royal and Derngate 2024 Review

Reviewed by Mark Johnson
Tickets were gifted in return for an honest review.

Theatre audiences have been blessed this year as two productions of Sister Act The Musical are currently playing. A star-studded version plays in London's West End at the Dominion Theatre whilst a tour plays around the country. 

Landi Oshinowo and Company. Photo by Mark Senior

The musical is based on the beloved 1992 comedy movie which stars Whoopi Goldberg in the lead role. It follows club singer Deloris Van Cartier who is forced to take refuge in a convent after witnessing her partner commit murder. A reluctant Deloris finds more than she's bargained for with tuneless nuns needing a lot of help, as does the convent itself which is falling into disrepair and facing closure. 

The stage adaptation is bright, colourful and so much fun. Director Bill Buckhurst keeps a light comedic air throughout. Whilst some moments are very silly and over the top, it doesn't matter because as an audience you are totally swept along with the joyfulness of it all. The toe-tapping soundtrack by Alan Menken and Glenn Slater brings gospel and choral together and features some great tunes, enhanced further by a great live band.

Landi Oshinowo takes on the role of Deloris and is simply sensational. Right from the get go you are drawn in by Oshinowo's voice, which only increases as the piece goes on. It's vocal perfection, with a soulful tone that could rival any of the great soul divas past or present. The way she portrays the change in Deloris from reluctantly being placed in the convent to someone who befriends and joins the nuns in the titular 'sister act' is fantastic to watch.

The full Company. Photo by Mark Senior

Wendi Peters has a really fun time revelling in being Mother Superior who clashes with Deloris over her behavior. Peters manages the emotions of the role well, making her somewhat dislikable but at the same time a fun warm presence. Peters has a cracking voice.

Alfie Parker has a hoot as Officer Eddie Souther, his solo number 'I Could Be That Guy' is magnificently delivered as his layered costume is revealed. Parker has a wonderful vocal tone that captures every note and word well. 

Ian Gareth-Jones larger-than-life villainous Curtis Jackson is superbly supported by his cronies in Elliot Gooch as TJ, Michalis Antoniou as Pablo and Callum Martin as Joey. The three form a solid trio and their vocals in 'Lady in the Long Black Dress' would make the likes of Frankie Valli proud. 

The nuns themselves are fantastically played with individual characterisations standing out. Each one gets their chance to shine and be in the spotlight. Standing out the most is Eloise Runnette's Sister Mary Robert, she goes from shy and reluctant to belting vocals with oodles of confidence. Runnette simply blossoms beautifully with growth in the character in every scene. The show stopping vocals in 'The Life I Never Led' is a real moment in a show full of vocal brilliance.

Julie Stark relishes the hip-hop nature of Sister Mary Lazarus, Isabel Canning is energetic and full of bright smile as Sister Mary Parick, whilst Kate Powll plays the slightly dim witted Sister Mary Martin of Tours well. Truly a solid company with swings Ceris Hine, Sheri Lineham, Corrine Priest, Esme Laudat and Amber Kennedy all helping in create the world inside the nunnery. Phillip Arran supports well as Monsignor O'Hara. 

The Company. Photo by Mark Senior

Morgan Large's impressive design helps in drive the story forwards both in the set and costume design. The use of light and bright colours in both is enhanced by Tim Mitchell's rainbow lighting design. The lighting helps create tension and also aids in lifting the mood. 

The message of the show is one of finding your sisterhood as well as your voice. The disco gospel score aids with numbers like 'Raise Your Voice' and the roof raising finale 'Spread The Love Around'. A heavenly company with amazing vocals truly leave you uplifted. A godly feel good show.


Sister Act The Musical plays at Royal and Derngate until Saturday 15th June 2024. Tickets are available from The tour continues until 5th October. Find full dates and details at

The production at London's Dominion Theatre continues booking until Saturday 31st August 2024. For tickets and more information visit

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