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Tasteinyourmouth - You’re Needy (sounds frustrating) Edinburgh Fringe Interview

As part as our Edinburgh Fringe 2024 coverage we are running a series of interviews with artists and creatives that are taking part in the festival. 

In this interview we speak to tasteinyourmouth about their show You’re Needy.

Where did your arts career begin? 
The three of us met in Trinity College Dublin while we were studying Drama. But our careers really started when we first began dancing along to VH1 music videos in our living rooms. We’re still hoping to pivot into popstardom someday. 

What can you tell me about your show?
You’re Needy (sounds frustrating) by Dublin based theatre collective, tasteinyourmouth, is an unique off-site experience for one actor and one audience member set in the bathroom of a (real!) house. It centres on Carrie, a young woman, who has retreated to her bathroom in pursuit of peace, solitude and “wellness”. The piece interrogates how capitalism seeks to control women’s bodies through the “wellness” industry, touching on monotony, meditation, medication, and, of course, Gwenyth Paltrow.  

How would you describe the style of the show?
This is a contemporary performance piece that straddles the line  between theatre and live art. It is a highly curated and unique experience for those who are looking to find something innovative, different and intimate. In short: some spooky weird stuff. 

How have you approached developing the piece?
We have spent a lot of time in bathrooms! Not in a weird way! 

How do/will you prepare yourself for a run at the Fringe?Sleeping a lot beforehand. Getting three meals a day while we can. Taking our vitamins! 

Other than the show, what’s something you’re looking forward to doing in Edinburgh this year?
Seeing some exciting work from other artists. Meeting some exciting other artists. Drinking some exciting pints.

What keeps you inspired?
Charli XCX. Greta Gerwig. Beyoncé. Margot Robbie. PC Music. Women generally.

What do you hope an audience takes away from seeing the show?
We hope they question their own relationship to the wellness industry and become slightly more aware of how this industry masks itself as something friendly and sanitized but in fact can be quite toxic. We hope they want to see another one of our shows (needy)!

Where can audiences see the show?
At Buccleuch terrace!

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