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Isolation Interviews: Eliza Hayward - Always Time For Theatre

Our next Isolation Interview is with Eliza Hayward who runs Always Time For Theatre. A superb theatre blog and reviewer who is based in Yorkshire but also cover different parts of the country. You can visit their website here

Q - What was the first show that you remember seeing?
A - Cats. Which is probably why I have more love for it than most! I’m sure in its most basic sense it sparked my love of both visual and musical theatre.

Q - What inspired you to get into blogging about theatre?
A - Needing an outlet for my passion for theatre really. There’s only so much people I actually know can listen to when it comes to me ranting and raving about shows! All that energy had to go somewhere, so I started writing. Honestly? It’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

Q - Whose performances/productions have had the biggest impact on you?
A - I’m actually working on a post about exactly this! So I’ll keep it (relatively) short and say Kneehigh had a huge relatively early impact on me and I’ve fallen for all things puppetry, mask and physical theatre thanks to the likes of Gyre and Gimble, Vamos and shows like War Horse. I’m a huge fan of Mike Shepherd, Emma Rice, Marianne Elliott and Sally Cookson - and I’m pretty in love with the work of Slava Polunin, Bunny Christie and Rae Smith too. My latest discovery is Blood of the Young - a very exciting company hailing from Scotland I hope to see a lot more of.

Always Time For Theatre's Logo.

Q - What is your favourite musical movie?
A - Hands down, Sister Act 1/2 are a joy, but not many accept them as musical movies so I’ll say Chicago as a safety net - I could quite happily watch any of them on repeat.

Q - What are your favourite show tunes? (You can pick up to 5 songs)
A - Just five?? Today I’d probably have to say Cornet Man (Funny Girl), Someday (Memphis), Side by Side by Side (Company), You Can’t Stop the Beat (Hairspray) and Seasons of Love (Rent). It’s a list that changes hourly though...

Q - What are your favourite theatres?
A - My locals really are homes from home - I cannot and will not choose between them, so shout outs to all the Leeds/ York/ Harrogate/Nottingham theatres! Though London side, I do love the Etcetera in Camden and the lovely Aldwych.

Q - Away from the theatre what are your other favourite hobbies?
A - Away from the theatre? Other hobbies? Does not compute!

Q - Can you tell us something we might not know about you?
A - Hmmm... I am very genuinely scared of the dark, so those shows which plunge us suddenly into blackout always carry that extra kick for me - I’m a real scaredy-cat, I can’t deny it!

I'd like to thank Eliza for her time and taking part in this. You can follow her Twitter or her Instagram

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